Ambit Mining: Next Generation Mining Company Announces Pre-sale from 10th April, 2018

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Ambit Mining: Next Generation Mining Company Announces Pre-sale from 10th April, 2018
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Ambit Mining starts the pre-sale of its tokens on April 10, attempting to run the new innovative facility for cryptocurrency mining.

Cryptocurrency mining is a rather competitive field. Now, miners around the world begin to realize that the cloud-based mining deals represent themselves a much better investment than conventional hardware mode. The recent swift rise of big mining companies was prompted by their competitive edge due to their high effectiveness and lower electricity consumption.

The way how mining companies conduct their businesses is extremely significant, as every little detail is important from the ambient temperature of the right kind of hardware architecture.

Ambit Mining is a next-generation cryptocurrency mining company that has already demonstrated extraordinary results in leveraging cloud performance and hosting services. The company has experience in undertaken successful crypto mining projects with a 1 MW diversified mining facility in Tbilisi, Georgia, in their free economic zone, as well as projects with a bigger and more powerful 5MW mining facility.

Buoyed by the success of the mining operation, Ambit Mining is set to launch a bigger 20 MW mining facility and is inviting crowbackers to join in on the mining opportunity. Using its previous experience and professional contacts with leading hardware manufacturers and mining services companies, Ambit is going to run the new facility. Same ROI timeline is given for the new facility, and it is expected to become profitable in a short period of time.

Among the company’s bonuses are: renewable energy-based mining, strategic location, and cutting-edge technology. All of the electricity being used in this process releases no harmful emissions to our ecosystem. The cost is also extremely low, down to 5 cents per kWh.

Georgia is an ideal location for mining operations because of green electricity and extremely liberal government regulations aimed to increase Foreign Direct Investment. Risk Diversification is also an important strategy for the Ambit Mining setup. It will use both ASICs chips and GPUs, so that income is not dependant on one technology only. The whole payment process is decentralized with 85% of the total token supply to be available for the public.

In case the hardware becomes obsolete, the token holders will be given their share from the proceeds on a pro-rata formula. Token holders will also be given the all-important voting rights on certain business decisions of the Ambit Mining setup. So, it is more like a regular publicly listed company.

Token holders participating in the crowdfunding campaign will be eligible for regular cryptocurrency payouts from Ambit’s mining and host operations and they will be paid out on a bi-weekly basis in ETH.

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