AMFEIX Investors Unable to Make Withdrawals Since May: Is It Scam?

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AMFEIX Investors Unable to Make Withdrawals Since May: Is It Scam?
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The AMFEIX wallet has been already listed by as one of the “top 10 most successful active scammers”.

AMFEIX raised more than $60 million from investors with the promise of high yields for them. The company which was registered by the UK Company House in Cardiff seems to have fallen out of favor with many investors who have not been able to make scheduled withdrawals from their AMFEIX accounts. A report filed by Cointelegraph states that an investor said there are many others who allege that the AMFEIX company may be tending towards an exit scam.

This was accentuated by a series of emails from investors who complained that their withdrawals have been pending since June.

Unexplained Suspension of Withdrawals

The investors’ suspicion was aroused not just because of the inability to get their funds. They said that the company’s support team has not been able to offer satisfactory reasons why withdrawals have been suspended. The once-popular cryptocurrency investment company is now the focus of scrutiny as users agitate to get their funds back.

One of the investors whose identity was not revealed showed chats with AMFEIX support to buttress the allegation that the company is operating a shady scheme.

An examination of the wallet shows that AMFEIX received 7,228 Bitcoins since April 2019. This is more than $67 million in today’s value. However, what’s presently sitting in the wallet is the Bitcoin equivalent of $563,000 (61.11 BTC).

Scam Alert Listing of AMFEIX

The AMFEIX wallet has been listed by as one of the “top 10 most successful active scammers”. The site is also linked with WhaleAlert, another site that monitors wallets with huge cryptocurrency assets. The assessment by that AMFEIX had coins valued at $56,724,950 corroborates documents seen by reporters.

Data from Company House, the UK agency responsible for listing businesses shows that AMFEIX was registered on October 7, 2019, as AMFEIX Enterprise Tradings Limited. However, it has been shown that it has applied for a “voluntary strikeoff”, a process of closing down. This application was made by the owners of the company since 2020.

The application would entail removing details of the company’s registration from the Company House data. The process is usually approved after the applicant closes their bank accounts. It is an indication that the company directors no longer have use for it. Information on the Company House site also shows that the AMFEIX listed a British national, Jack Hudson who resigned his appointment on May 30 as director. When contacted, Hudson said that he never was a director in the company but a representative. Efforts to reach him through another Telegram account associated with him after he shut down a previous one was rebuffed.

A source conversant with the happenings in the company said that a 19-year-old British citizen, Ali Bilaal is the real CEO of AMFEIX, even though there are no records linking him with it at the Company House.

Further attempts to reach the company’s support was unsuccessful as the staff complained of “harassment” from investors and warned that if it persisted, it could lead to “verification delays”.

When Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was contacted regarding the allegations against AMFEIX, their spokesperson responded:

“There is no suggestion that Amfeix is regulated by the FCA […] Wallets holding unregulated tokens, like Bitcoin, do not need to be authorised by us, but will need to register under the anti-money laundering regulations (5MLD).”

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