Android Game Revenue Overtakes iOS in 2019, Reports Newzoo

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Android Game Revenue Overtakes iOS in 2019, Reports Newzoo
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In a recent Newzoo report, they have estimated that Android will overtake iOS in terms of game revenue. This is the first time this year that this has happened. Previously the market was led by iOS, Apple respectively.

Newzoo, which is a leading e-sports and gaming research and analytics company, just recently revealed its report on Android and iOS game revenues. Android finally overtakes iOS this year, and now accounts for almost 51% of the total market revenue. 

Newzoo report says that they have estimated that the whole mobile game industry revenue will be around $68.5 billion with $21.6 billion coming from China and $12.1 billion from the United States. 48.9% of that revenue, or $33.5 billion, come from iOS devices while 35.8% (Google Play) will come from Android, plus 15% which comes from third-party Android store revenues.

That makes a total of 51% market share for Android which is about $35 billion. Additionally, in 2017 the total mobile game revenue was around $56.3 billion and the company believes that it could hit a record sum of $96.4 billion in 2022.

As many experts point out, this still leaves Apple in first in terms of money earned. However, this gives Android the necessary statistic they have been longing for. Now Android games account for around 51% of the total market which is slightly increased when comparing to 2017 when Android had 48% of the market.

Newzoo claims that if Android keeps the same pace they have had up until now, in 2022 Android games might account for as much as 56% of the total market while iOS will be left with the rest 44%.

Moreover, the game analytics company shared a couple more interesting statistics about the gaming industry. For example, they have estimated that 2.358 billion people in the world will play games on their phones in 2019, with 885 million actually spending money on them.

Going even deeper in the sense of statistics, Newzoo says that mostly these gamers are using these games as “time-fillers” meaning that they play these games for a small amount of time, usually in situations where they have to… fill their time. The report says that 50% of women and 30% of men identify as “time-filler gamers”.

Earlier this year, Newzoo released another report where they predicted that the entire gaming industry will be worth approximately $152.1 billion in 2019. With mobile gaming being the largest sector with 45%, followed by consoles with 32% and only then comes PC gaming with 23% of the total market.

While Android finally overtakes iOS, the U.S. also has finally overtaken China as the strongest market for gaming. The U.S. will earn $36.9 billion while China will earn $36.5 billion. As you can see this is a numbers game and it is very important for these companies to lead a certain market. 

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