Angelo Galasso and Doc Lee Create First NFT Collection Linked to Exclusive Fashion Items

May 19th, 2021 at 12:26 pm UTC · 4 min read

Angelo Galasso and Doc Lee Create First NFT Collection Linked to Exclusive Fashion Items

Luxury fashion brand Angelo Galasso is releasing its first collection of nonfungible tokens (NFT), which are designed to be sold alongside and reinforce the exclusivity of its handmade items by binding the digital and physical into a single bundle.

Through a collaboration with acclaimed digital artist Doc Lee from, who has previously worked with brands such as Jaguar, Disney, Cartier and others, Angelo Galasso is creating the first physical and digital NFT fashion collection.

The Genesis collection will be released on OpenSea, with a total of 24 NFT items. Each NFT represents a unique digital art piece designed by Doc Lee, which are sold in addition with high quality items specifically designed by Angelo Galasso for the collection. These will include the AG City Backpack, made from personalized grain reinforced canvas and printed with a geometric motif showing Angelo Galasso’s iconic AG Dragon Logo. The key element of the backpack and other fashion items in the collection is a finely engraved egg button detail, which mirrors the NFT art associated with the items.

Other items include a finely designed crypto credit card wallet and a key or hardware wallet ring, both including the iconic egg button detail. There will be only five NFTs paired to the backpack, seven paired to the credit card wallet and 12 paired with the key ring.

The owner of the NFT is the sole registered owner of the associated physical item, creating additional value for the owner and a unique physical and digital twin.

The Genesis collection is being auctioned on OpenSea, with items expected to sell out quickly. . Winners of the auction will obtain the NFT and associated digital art, and will be able to request the delivery of the physical item to any location around the world, free of charge. Alternatively, the items can be collected  in person at the Angelo Galasso store, Knightsbridge in London. Angelo Galasso will also refund the gas costs for the purchase of the NFT for in person collections.

“We have always been regarded as pioneers in the fashion industry and with this launch we are exploring how new technologies such as blockchain and NFT’s can help the fashion industry reduce counterfeiting and give customers an even better brand experience,” says the Brand.

“I was very excited to be approached by Angelo Galasso to work on this innovative project,” said Lee Robinson, pseudonym Dr Lee, digital artist and creative director of “The idea of creating an original piece of art in conjunction with an original item of luxury fashion is a unique and paradigm shifting concept. The digital art piece links the digital and the physical worlds, elements of the animation are reflected in Angelo’s designs and vice versa. This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in NFTs art and fashion.”

A portion of the NFT sale proceeds will be devoted to an environmental charity, helping offset some of the carbon footprint associated with the NFT as the blockchain industry works for an improved platform.

The collection has been produced in conjunction with the EdenBase Innovation team, a generation 2.0 ecosystem specialising in enabling industries with frontier technologies.

About Angelo Galasso

Angelo Galasso was born in the South of Italy with design and a strong flair for tailoring in his blood. His first business endeavour was a shirt company Interno 8 founded in 1990. His tremendous flair and talent for design led him to create the iconic “Polso Orologio” shirt, inspired by Gianni Agnelli, a product so innovative and groundbreaking in terms of design, that it was exhibited at the Design Museum in London, and the Financial Times dubbed Angelo the “Da Vinci of shirts.”


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