Another Wannabe Satoshi Nakamoto Appears in Kleiman vs. Wright Lawsuit

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Another Wannabe Satoshi Nakamoto Appears in Kleiman vs. Wright Lawsuit
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A new person has stepped forward and claimed to be Satoshi Nakomoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. Belgian citizen, Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido made his claim in a letter filed with a federal courthouse in Florida on July 22.

Right when we all thought that Craig Wright was the worst that can happen to the “Who is the real Satoshi” saga, someone decided to add another character to the story.

Just after Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux, the creator of encryption software E4M and TrueCrypt, the cryptography encryption software Satoshi Nakamoto likely used to lock up his 1 million BTC, was doubted to be real Satoshi, a Belgian citizen named Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido made his claim in a letter filed with a federal courthouse in Florida on July 22.

Addressing his letter to Judge Bruce Reinhart, the judge who is overseeing the ongoing Kleiman v. Wright case, Guido wrote:

“I hereby testify, by written letter — I am the genuine and only originator/creator of the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain. I used the handle Satoshi Nakamoto and mail [email protected] to write and publish the whitepaper bitcoin.”

Guido also claims that he generated the PGP key 0x18C09E865EC948A1 and says the key was trust signed by an inner circle of people. Allegedly, he has been telling the public he is Satoshi for quite some time now and has been using a Twitter account called @realsatoshin since 2015.

Before filing his letter in court on July 4, 2019, he tweeted that his PGP key was trust signed by Hal Finney, Gavin Andresen, Peter Todd, and Wladimir van der Laan. Bitcoin Core developer Wladimir van der Laan said:

“There are no known messages signed by that key, but it was distributed along with early Bitcoin, so it could be Satoshi’s real key, but mind the uncertainty. My signing it was a mistake about how GPG web of trust is supposed to work at the time, and I revoked it later.”

Let’s just remind you what’s this all about. Back in February 2018, the crypto entrepreneur and self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright was sued for allegedly misappropriating billions of dollars’ worth of crypto estate. Ira Kleiman sued Wright on behalf of the estate owned by his brother, the late Dave Kleiman.

The suit states that Wright schemed to grab Dave’s Bitcoins and his rights to a specific intellectual property linked with the bitcoin technology. Kleiman is seeking the return of a 1.1 million Bitcoins mined by the two or its fair current market value. He also seeks compensation for extensive IP infringement.

Wright has also filed court documents in an effort to show that he held a trust deed with the estate. Lawyer Stephen Palley claimed that these documents were faked in virtue of the document’s metadata. He said the original document uses a Microsoft font that was copyrighted in 2015, while the document is from 2012.

Additionally, Craig Wright admitted last month that he could not comply with a court order to list his early BTC addresses. According to Wright, he cannot easily retrieve the data because he shared a critical component for accessing the funds and wallets with Kleiman prior to his death.

Guido’s letter to the Florida courthouse and Judge Reinhart emphasizes that he never had any contact with David Kleiman. The letter also insists that Craig Wright has no single private key of Guido’s known PGP key on the genesis block. He tweeted:

He said:

“The man has no clue how the genesis block is composed as he did not mine the blocks assigned to the so-called whale wallet.”

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