Antimatter Kingdom, the Cornerstone of the Evolution in the Blockchain Industry-AK

Place/Date: - April 4th, 2020 at 10:08 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: AK Antimatter Kingdom

If give you a chance to buy ETH at 0.1U, can you catch it?

If give you another chance to buy BTC at 1U, can you catch it again?

“I can”

“No, you can’t, just like the AK in front of you”

All opportunities are born in turbidity, and gone in clarity.

Antimatter Kingdom, the Cornerstone of the Evolution in the Blockchain Industry-AK

When scientific and financial scholars from various countries around the world lamented the advanced technology and system of CXC, CXC has already marched towards higher mountains. The “us” on the mountain can’t help but sigh:

  • Is the population we cover large enough?
  • Can our technology stay ahead?
  • Can you inject energy into industry contributions?
  • Can we shoulder more social obligations?
  • Is the market belief strong enough?
  • Is the ecological foundation strong enough?
  • Can financial models continue to evolve?

AK came into being with various questions. AK will once again surpass the expectations of the world beyond the limits. After CXC is arrogant in the mid-to-high-end market, AK will cut into a tenfold wider sinking market and will greatly enhance the technical support foundation of the ecosystem.

More importantly, AK will become the banner that upsets digital assets such as BTC and injects vitality into the industry.

Antimatter Kingdom, the Cornerstone of the Evolution in the Blockchain Industry-AK

AK Antimatter Kingdom (ANTIMATTER KINGDOM) is a super mining application group launched by the CXC public chain. The mission of AK is to inject the original force into Bitcoin and let the blockchain evolve. AK belongs to CXC, and develops independently. Thanks to the mother’s favor, and at the same time, it continuously transmits the growth force for the source ecology. AK and CXC form a new financial model that marvels global technology and financial experts.

Antimatter is the rarest and most expensive “matter” in the known universe, and a 2006 NASA paper predicted that it would cost $ 25 billion to make 1 gram of antimatter. When matter and its antimatter meet, a complete matter-to-energy conversion occurs, and this process is annihilation, which is the most efficient fuel in terms of currently known physical reactions. Antimatter annihilation can produce 9 × 10 ^ 16 joules, which is 30,000 times that of nuclear fusion.

The power of AK is enough to go down in history.

AK is the official super node mining platform issued by CXC, the basic composition application of the CXC ecology, and the cornerstone project of the CXC ecological explosion. AK consists of 4 core application modules: BTC soul mining, CXC obliteration mining, AK stepless mining, and bit collision.

The total number of AK is 300 million, of which 10 million are issued by Bit Collision, 100 million are used for platform construction, 20 million are used for global community operations, and the remaining 260 million are produced through mining.

260 million AK minable output: 1% -10% through BTC soul mining, 1% -10% through CXC annihilation mining, and 80% -98% through AK stepless mining.

BTC cuts output by 50% every 4 years, while AK cuts output by 18% every 90 days. More deflationary!

The market has given you another chance, and it is a huge opportunity. Those who dare to think can get it, those who dare to do it, but only those who wait and see.