Antmons Launches the New Feature: Meta NFT!

May 27th, 2022 at 3:35 pm UTC · 6 min read

Antmons Launches the New Feature: Meta NFT!

Antmons is a MetaNFT, Battle-to-Earn GameFi platform with endless real-time competitions. It is a metaverse that can be considered an adventurer’s paradise, owned and defined by the community, where players can earn daily rewards by participating in guild battles or by creating their own teams in real time fights. Antmons gameplay primarily tests players’ sense of teamwork and personal practical skills.

As a GameFi E-sport decentralized digital distribution platform, Antmons offers players a variety of competitive games, including MOBAs, card strategies and car gunfights. Here, players can gather their friends to form guilds and fight against individuals or organizations for daily rewards in quest mode. Players can also earn considerable bonuses by placing bets in Token Pool Battle.

Thanks to the accelerated development of blockchain technology, the GameFi concept and related content products have quickly captivated the attention of market users. In this regard, the project continues to work on providing updates and new services to its users. Therefore, they have announced the launch of Meta NFT.

The Meta NFT proposal, on the one hand, offers good gameplay that will engage more players and generate more tokens, so developers who make such good content could get the corresponding incentives to produce quality content.

On the other hand, it encourages adventurous players to engage in combat within diversified game experiences and earn more money. There will be more and more gameplay, every player will find a way to play against his opponent.

Meta NFT – a set of NFT descriptive standards that can be extensively adapted to new gameplay and the first attempt to combine ContentFi with GameFi

Since their design philosophy is to make a decentralized content ecosystem, there will be endless streams of content added to the Antmons metaverse. Obviously, the existing NFT model can’t match more than one game.

Antmons Launches the New Feature: Meta NFT!

Launches: Meta NFT

The Meta NFT itself is not a traditional NFT, but a set of descriptive rules used to describe and define NFTs in different categories and art forms. Players can exchange and improve their Meta NFTs in any game within the Antmons community, and present them in various forms of content. A Meta NFT could provide amazing experiences in different game content.

It provides a set of metrics for each game. Different content providers can generate their own in-game personas based on Meta NFT descriptive data attributes.

Also, if the existing Meta NFT standard does not have the attribute standard required by the content developer, the content provider party can extend the attribute definition of the Meta NFT standard by including more attribute types in the standard to cover more game categories.

Basic Attributes

Now, to understand a little more about the salient features of this release let’s look at some of its basic attributes:

Rarity and scarcity: this is a point that has become a common denominator within many NFT collections, precisely to draw the attention of users. Meta NFT has not wanted to be the exception and will also offer this distinction.

The collection will be divided into several rarities such as: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical which will be focused on Antmons skin types as well as the character rarity.

Another basic attribute of this collection centers on the life cycle, which is focused on a comparison with Photon, which will be divided into three cosmic standards, like Blind Box, Photon epoch and Heat Death.

  • Blind Box: Players spend a certain amount of Dew or Monli (game tokens) to get Sealed Eggs of Antmons (SEA). SEAs are classified into common, epic and legendary levels. Different levels of SEAs have different probabilities of winning Meta NFT Antmons at different rarities.
  • Photon Epoch: Each Meta NFT is created and launched into the world of Antmons, just as photons are launched into a large unified magnetic field that attracts and repels other Meta NFTs. With different rarities of Antmons, players can participate in different Dew bonus sessions and the rarer the Antmon, the more sessions they can play.
  • Heat Death: To balance the ecological values, the Meta NFTs were endowed with the concept of Heat Death in the universe, so that after a certain number of battles, Meta NFTs will no longer be available in battles.

How to Access the Meta NFTs? Initial Offer of Games & Giveaway Event

Antmons’ Initial Game Offering (IGO) for NFT blind boxes is scheduled to be available in June and will be held on Kucoin. This will give backers the opportunity to get a head start on the game and invest in Antmons’ future while building a more robust and decentralized content ecosystem.

Antmons Launches the New Feature: Meta NFT!

Antmons stated that access to the whitelist will guarantee the allocation of tokens to the best NFT enthusiasts in the project. Also, whitelist users will get a 20% discount when purchasing blind boxes. In this sense, it is expected that all those interested in MetaNFT can benefit.

There are about 2,000 spots on this white list and many ways to access it. As Antmons wishes it could be fun to everyone, they having following ways for people to participate:

Gleam campaign

Antmons has detailed that before the IGO, there will be a Gleam campaign for the whole community, in it there will be a series of tasks to complete that will lead you to participate to get a place in the whitelist. Randomly 200 lucky ones will be chosen.

Kucoin and NFT

Likewise, there is a series of steps for those KuCoin traders that includes very simple tasks, as well as for those NFTs enthusiasts.

Workers and quizzes

Among the options there is also an application section for ambassadors who have worked for more than 10 days before IGO and whose work has been recognized by the project team. As well as for those who want to test their knowledge of Antmons, a fun option to learn and perhaps earn a spot on the whitelist.

Remember, Meta NFT offers players the ability to experience all forms of gameplay and artistic content and its value is strongly linked to the growing artistic content within the ecosystem.

Also in return for the support of their community, they have prepared 120 free Sealed Eggs of Antmons (Blind box NFT) for their members, with following ways for people to participate,

Event full detail: here.

Antmons Launches the New Feature: Meta NFT!

About Antmons

Antmons Entertainment is a Meta NFT, and Play-to-Earn GameFi Platform built on KCC and BSC. Their vision is to build up an exciting battle platform for gamers, where there will be MOBAs, card strategies, and car gunfights. It is a metaverse that can be regarded as an adventurists’ paradise, owned and defined by the community. Players can earn daily revenue by participating in guild Powerball battles, or by forming their own teams to fight in real time.

The first MOBA, Meta NFT, and Play-to-Earn Game is going to be launched called Antmons MOBA, which is set in a world of tiny insects. Players set up guilds for more loot and summon Antmons to fight for themselves and their guilds. Antmons are divided into different combat attributes: Spayer, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower. Players set up Antmon clans in teams to either fight together or draw up alliances.

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