Strategies for AOFEX Digital Currency Financial Derivative NSO

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Strategies for AOFEX Digital Currency Financial Derivative NSO
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Investors should always make decisions based on their own knowledge. But how can some additional tools like NSO by AOFEX help?

Information determines decision-making, but details determine success or failure. That’s the main principle that should be applied to trading and in this article, we will explain to you how it works.

JEX was recently acquired by Binance. After Binance’s announcement, JEX’s token rose and fell sharply in just a few days. JEX should be one of the most professional trading platforms for blockchain derivatives and the world’s first digital currency exchange for option trading which was noticed by Binance.

One of the details here is that after Binance’s announcement, a lot of people didn’t respond immediately and were out from making informed decisions. On the contrary, many people stopped trading due to the fear as it was something new for them. The details of the transfer need not be explained. ERC-2O must be faster than OMNI. There is no doubt that retail investors who can finally get a skyrocketing are those who make decisions quickly and pay attention to details. 

How do People Make Decisions?

First, it comes information acquisition and decision-making. In fact, while investing and considering future trends, everyone always has his own knowledge, such as K-line. Different people can have different results. The policy really matters. Such moves and initiatives as Bakkt, ETF, trade war can be used to evaluate factors. Another aspect is self-interest, such as LTC ‘s halving market in recent years, BTC‘s halving next year; and the last one is circulation anomalies, such as a large inflow or outflow on an address. All of these can be used to make trend judgments. This information is relatively objective and universally applicable. 

After making a trend judgment based on these, the function of NSO (Non-Standardized Option) offered by AOFEX, for example, can be utilized.

How to make good use of NSO to maximize the function of AI prediction? There are the following options:

The first one is hedging. In general, you combine your own judgments with NSO AI to make a trend judgment that you think is more likely. When considering risk issues, it is suggested to operate on spot according to the trend of the high possibility of self-selection and hedging operation on NSO. For example, after analysis, you think that BTC is bullish, and then find that the return rate of NSO AI is also low, which means that AI is also bullish. So you can buy BTC in the spot, and in order to hedge the risk, you can buy a higher yield on NSO to hedge. In case of the spot falls, NSO earnings can make up for the loss on the spot. In this case, the investment proportion on NSO needs to be considered by yourself and you need to choose the range that you can bear. For example, if you think that it will rise by 5 points, you only need to invest no more than 5% of the spot principal in NSO. In this situation, do what you can. You also should pay attention to the time difference. The NSO you buy now generally corresponds to the next time period. For example, one-day NSO you buy today corresponds to the trend of tomorrow, and your spot operation should be corresponding. Please pay attention to this detail. 

The next one is Grid, which can be regarded as a trend guide, helps to judge the trend according to NSO AI judgment, and designs grid trading interval and grid numbers on this basis. 

And the third option is Short-term trading. For short-term trading, the requirements are higher and the difficulty is higher than in the case with regular futures trading. At this time, most of it depends on the trader’s judgment on the trend. If the trend is right, the return is high, but always high-risk high return. It is recommended to use a longer interval when the market is volatile. Short intervals can be selected when the market is clear. 


First is time selection. Anyone who knows NSO should be aware that there are five different delivery times for NSO: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 1 day. We find that NSO delivery time is very short, one day is the longest period, but other regular options are one week long. 

Second is delivery time and trading sessions. The rules of buying are as follows: for example, in the 5-minute NSO, the current 10:00-10:05 session is in progress, and the delivery countdown has two minutes and five seconds left. So what you are buying now is 10:05-10:10 session, that is, the next session, and the purchase time is one minute, three and five seconds left. In addition, when there are 30 seconds left in the delivery countdown, the next purchase countdown will be zero, which means that only the third session you can buy, that is 10:10-10:15. 

Finally, the information determines decision-making, and details determine success or failure. To do these two things well, success will naturally improve a lot. Making good use of information and tools can help you make relatively correct judgments. Finally, we should remind nothing can help you make a 100% correct judgment! It’s always you who make judgments and bear the consequences through the offered tools can help you a lot.

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