ApeX Protocol Welcomes New Telegram Bot for Derivatives Trading

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ApeX Protocol Welcomes New Telegram Bot for Derivatives Trading
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ApeX is celebrating the launch of the Telegram bot by introducing a referral campaign.

ApeX Protocol, a multichain decentralized derivatives protocol has introduced a Telegram bot dubbed ApeX Bot. According to a Press Release shared with Coinspeaker, ApeX Bot is designed to facilitate seamless derivatives trading transactions.

Notably, this is the first-ever layer-2 Decentralized Exchange (DEX) bot that supports derivatives trading and it is unique as a protocol that offers advanced trading options to users. Tekla I, the head of Business Development at ApeX Protocol noted that this is a remarkable milestone in the company’s effort to provide users with the best trading tools and experience.

The solution leverages a standout feature, precisely the utilization of the revolutionary Bot Key solution which is developed in-house by the ApeX team. Markedly, this feature is a cutting-edge technology that acts as a defense mechanism against certain risks.

ApeX Bot Targets User’s Fund Security

Over time, there has been a prevalence of substantial risks that are closely linked to user fund thefts and fraud. This bot was launched to cater to this challenge and mitigate the risks associated with centralized alternatives to the barest level by adding an additional layer of security.

According to the press release, ApeX is celebrating the launch of the Telegram bot by introducing a referral campaign. Participants who introduce the program to other people or communities and get them to register will be eligible for a slice of the $30,000 USDC prize pool set aside for this purpose.

Crypto Telegram bots are gradually gaining traction and relevance in the industry. In the last few months, a total of $190 million worth of trading activity has been reported in the sector. Amidst these significant figures, some challenges have plagued the technology including their centralized versions featuring some defined limited functionalities.

ApeX Bot brings a whole new perspective as it focuses on offering a solution to these challenges. It utilizes a decentralized approach that is centered around user fund security. In addition, the newly launched solution provides users with full control over their assets. This is quite unlike existing crypto bots which do not allow users to maintain custody of their assets.

ApeX Bot to See Additional Features

Some other features of the ApeX Bot are the seamless synchronization process from both desktop and mobile, the ease of choosing markets to trade, placing orders, and the capacity to monitor them in real time. There is also a robust referral system where each user has a unique referral code and link to invite as many people as they choose. As highlighted earlier, every referral has a commission attached to it.

For the future, ApeX Protocol is considering the integration of trading signals. This upgrade will go a long way in providing valuable trading insights including market data to users. Also, it will offer support for the copy trading functionality which would be useful for users in the long run, especially when they want to directly replicate trades through ApeX Bot on Telegram.

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