Apple to Add Buy Now, Pay Later Feature in Apple Pay

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Apple to Add Buy Now, Pay Later Feature in Apple Pay
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In addition to Buy Now, Pay Later feature, a lot of other updates have been announced, including the addition of new functions in Safari, Siri, Apple Maps, Apple News, Fitness, and Health. 

On Monday, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) held its WWDC 2022 conference where it shared the upcoming updates to operating systems for its iPhones and iPads as well as announced new services. As such, in its iOS 16, Apple is adding Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) feature to Apple Pay.

According to Apple, the Buy Now, Pay Later feature will be available anywhere and for all merchants who accept Apple Pay. Notably, users will have an option to split the bill and make four equal payments with zero interest or fees. The first payment will be done upfront, and the rest they pay over the next six weeks, with the remaining sum paid every two weeks. Payment plans are managed through Apple Wallet.

Other Apple Updates

In addition to adding Buy Now, Pay Later feature, Apple has also announced Apple Pay Order Tracking. Due to this feature, Apple customers can receive detailed receipts and order tracking information in Wallet for Apple Pay purchases with participating merchants.

Further, you can now edit your texts in iMessages. You can as well recall recently sent messages, recover recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread in order to get back to them later.

The new iOS 16 also enhances a better Lock Screen experience. Due to a new multilayered effect, the subjects of photos are artfully set in front of the time on the Lock Screen, which creates a sense of depth. Users can also change the style of the date and time.

Another improvement has been done to iCloud Shared Photo Library. Now, families can share photos seamlessly with a separate iCloud library that up to six users can collaborate on, contribute to, and enjoy. Users can choose to share existing photos from their personal libraries or share depending on the start date or people in the photos. In addition, users will receive intelligent suggestions to share a photo that includes participants in the Shared Photo Library. Every participant of the Shared Photo Library will be able to add, delete, edit, or favorite the shared photos or videos, which will appear in each user’s Memories and Featured Photos.

A lot of other updates have been announced, including the addition of new functions in Safari, Siri, Apple Maps, Apple News, Fitness and Health.

New M2 Chip for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

During the event, Apple also unveiled a new MacBook Air and an updated version of 13-inch MacBook Pro. As the company said, both are powered by the new M2 chip.

According to Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, the M2 chip takes the breakthrough performance and capabilities of M1 further. In particular, the new MacBook Air is thinner, lighter, and faster with a bigger display, better camera, and all-day battery life. Meanwhile, the new MacBook Pro features incredible performance, ProRes acceleration, up to 24GB of memory, and up to 20 hours of battery life.

Before, Apple was presenting the iPad as the computer for everyone. Now, with Mac sales 23% growth to $35.2 billion in the Apple’s most recent fiscal year, it is apparent that Mac is the computer for everyone.

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