Apple Approves bitWallet iOS App with BTC Sending Function Blocked

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by Andy Watson · 2 min read
Apple Approves bitWallet iOS App with BTC Sending Function Blocked

The company called Sollico launches an Apple app “bitWallet” that has blocked sending function.

A bitcoin wallet is now also an application for the iPhone and iPad! BitWallet was created by Sollico and is already available in the Apple App Store. But you cannot send bitcoins via this app.

“We assumed Apple’s objection is primarily sending bitcoins directly from the app, so we decided to submit the full-featured wallet app, but disable sending bitcoins.”, said the representative of the Sollico.

This app has a high level of security and privacy protection. bitWallet is the only option for wallets which is available on iOS. Even is send function is inactive, users still can transfer money using other options with a wallet’s private key. “As long as you have the private key, you can use any client to send your bitcoins – using is easiest.”, mentioned the Sollico representative.

The application also has a protection against the threat of memory scraping. It is provided by cleating information when the application is active in the background mode. Plus to that, the private keys are encrypted. The app uses to extract data and it also allows watching blockchain address transactions. There are also plans to add other sources of ledger information to make refund processes more convenient.

Pheeva has plans to spread a fully functional app to outflank Apple’s bitcoin ban. Lots of companies use “members only” method to guarantee the security of the operations and to share iOS app which was designed especially for internal purposes of the company.

The approval process of the bitWallet took almost three weeks, and this is much longer than usual.

Apple might be not optimistic in concern of bitcoin, but bitWallet’s creators are. They are planning to distribute a new version of the wallet-app which will send bitcoins as well

“Once again, we will be totally upfront with Apple about what the app can and cannot do,” Sollico added.

Nevertheless, it is not clear whether Apple will ever say “yes” to cryptocurrencies transfers or not. For further information on Sollico app specifications read this.

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