Apple Asks Suppliers to Prepare 75 Million 5G iPhones, AAPL Stock Up 4%

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Apple Asks Suppliers to Prepare 75 Million 5G iPhones, AAPL Stock Up 4%
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Apple expects a massive demand for its upcoming flagship 5G iPhone 12 and is all geared up for the launch next month in October 2020. Apple has successfully dodged the coronavirus economic slowdown and despite the contracting economy, it expects to do it in the coming quarters as well.

On Tuesday, September 1, Bloomberg News reported that Cupertino-based tech giant Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is seeing a massive demand for its upcoming 5G iPhone 12, slated to launch in October next month. As per the report, Apple has asked suppliers to prepare at least 75 million handsets for its next 5G iPhones.

As per people familiar with the matter, Apple plans to launch four new models of 5G iPhone 12 next month. The sources said that the four models of the iPhone 12 will have a wider choice of screen sizes and different designs. Despite the global pandemic and recession, Apple expects record sales for its flagship handset. The anticipated shipments for the next iPhone flagship can reach 80 million units.

Apart from the iPhone 12, Apple plans to release a bunch of new devices in the market. Apple will launch its new iPad Air with a similar edge-to-edge display like its iPad Pro. Two new Apple Watch version and a HomePod speaker is also in works. For the first time, Apple plans to launch its over-ear headphones outside the Beats brand.

Foxconn, one of the key suppliers of Apple, has already started recruiting more workers at its iPhone Campus, over the last month. With the coronavirus outbreak in March, Apple saw a major hit in its supply chain. However, the company bounced back quickly supported by the rising sales of its affordable iPhone SE launched in April 2020. The company has been doing pretty well on all grounds since then. On the other hand, Apple is giving a major push to its services business which clocked a revenue of $46.2 billion in the last fiscal 2019.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Soaring & 5G iPhone Expectations

Apple has been one of the top performers on Wall Street for this year in 2020. Despite, the market slowdown, the Apple stock (NASDAQ: AAPL) has surged nearly 90% year-to-date. After its recent 4:1 stock split, the AAPL stock is trading at a price of $134 as on Tuesday closing.

With whopping valuations at over $2.29 trillion, Apple remains the most valuable company on the planet. The estimated success with the upcoming iPhone 12 could push the company valuations soaring higher. The Cupertino giant also leads the U.S. tech sectors whose valuations recently surged past the entire European stock market.

For the first time, the four new 5G iPhones will be split into two basic models and two high-end models as per Bloomberg. The regular iPhones i.e. basic models will come with a 5.4 inch and 6.1-inch screen offerings. The Pro models will come with a 6.1 -inch and 6.7-inch display size. This will probably be the largest screen size ever put on an iPhone. All the handsets will feature OLED displays.

Moreover, as per 9to5mac, the 5G iPhone 12 handsets will also have two variants supporting different 5G bandwidths – Sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G. The Sub-6GHz 5G will be available at the iPhone 12 launch next month. This variant is somewhat faster than 4G LTE but doesn’t show any dramatic improvements, however.

The mmWave 5G is the fast standard offering gigabit speeds. Reportedly, this variant will be available at a later stage and shall be pricier.

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