Apple Releases iOS 14 Ahead of iPhone 12 Launch

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Apple Releases iOS 14 Ahead of iPhone 12 Launch
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With the increased risks of cybercriminal attacks, Apple has updated some of the security measures in its new software version iOS 14.

During the Apple online event held earlier this week, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) promised to release new software updates for its mobile devices. It is now officially out, software version iOS 14 will be available for most iPhone models. The latest version is expected to run the awaited iPhone 12 models that are to be released probably next month. However, Apple has been dealing with challenges of overheating batteries reported by a significant number of its customers. This especially happens when an iPhone user upgrades the software version running on their phone. Apple has tried to fix previously identified bugs and upgraded the user interface of the current iOS 14. With the increased risks of cybercriminal attacks, Apple has updated some of the security measures in the new software version.

In addition, Apple has put in place consideration future technology compatibilities including AI and also augmented reality.

All iPhones starting from 6s, 11, and also SE models will be able to support the new iOS 14 released by Apple Inc. Upgrading from prior version is through the usual method, whereby one connects the device to the WiFi, open the settings, scroll down to General tab and choose the software update to begin the process.

Notable Features of iOS 14 Released by Apple

One of the most visible features that iOS 14 brings is the widgets to the home screens, as well as the App Library. These are basically little pieces of apps you can place on your home screen to show you more information and break up the stale app grid look. With the new iOS 14 software version, incoming calls and Siri will get a new compact UI that doesn’t take up as much of the screen real estate than prior software versions.

Another notable feature with the new iOS 14 software version is the picture-in-picture mode, whereby you can keep your movies and TV shows playing in a tiny box as you continue to use your iPhone for other stuff.

iPhone users who upgrade to the new iOS 14 will enjoy a better message organization. Messages in iPhones will now let you pin conversations to the top of the list for easy access.

Apple developers also tweaked the maps to cater to the latest technology in the transportation industry. Maps now have cycling directions, an electric vehicle routing, and also the new Guides provide a curated list of places to visit in a city.

Moreover, the new iOS 14 comes equipped with is the Apple Translate app that enables real-time translation between two languages.

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