Apple Releases New MacOS Update and Discontinues iTunes

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Apple Releases New MacOS Update and Discontinues iTunes
With Sidecar, users can extend their Mac workspace with iPad as a second display or harness the power of iPad and Apple Pencil to draw, sketch or write in Mac apps. Photo: Apple Inc.

Apple has announced a new operating system for its desktop devices. The new OS boasts of more than a few new futures, as well as improved security updates to ensure better user experience, as well as privacy.

Apple has officially revealed that its new OS is now available. Called the macOS Catalina, the release comes with more than a few new features which Apple promises will give its users an unmatched experience. Two of the major changes to the macOS are the addition of a new option called the Sidecar, as well as the discontinuation of the popular media access software, iTunes.

Per the official Apple announcement, the Sidecar feature is a simple extension to the Mac screen. Specifically, it lets users extend their screen onto an iPad, which serves a second display for better viewing and access.

Before now, there have been a few apps that have allowed Mac users to do exactly this, but not as an official feature that comes with the OS. So depending on usage, Catalina users are free to simply connect their iPads and make a drawing or a sketch on their iPads, a useful feature for users who need to design.

However, a Sidecar Whitepaper notes that the feature is only available for MacBooks and MacBook Pros not earlier than 2016, as well as MacBook Airs not earlier than 2018.

iTunes has been the default media app for Mac users. Originally a music player, Apple expanded its functions and included other forms of media such as TV shows, audiobooks, and movies, in addition to the original function. However, for a long time, users have complained about the app, describing it as a little too overstuffed.

Now, Apple has discontinued iTunes, and split it up into three different apps, which will handle the three categories of media it supports, including Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts as well. Apple Music already boasts of more than 50 million different songs, playlists, and videos, with the option to purchase much more from the iTunes Store.

The announcement also notes that Apple Podcasts has at least 700,000 different shows, spread across a large number of categories, with Apple TV containing more than 100,000 movies and TV shows which users can either buy or rent. Apple’s own video subscription platform, Apple TV+, will officially launch on the 1st of November.

Apple also launched its gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, on its mobile devices. The new update now includes the “$5 per month premium game service” with improved interconnectivity as some games will allow connection with PlayStation 4 and Xbox one controllers. However, the Apple Arcade on the Catalina, will not have as many games as available on the mobile devices.

Apple has also promised more efficient security and privacy with the Catalina. According to the publication:

“Security improvements in Catalina better protect macOS from tampering, help ensure apps are safe, and give users greater control over access to their data. MacOS Catalina now runs on a dedicated, read-only system volume, which means it is completely separate from all other data, and nothing can accidentally overwrite critical operating system files.”

Just for a reminder, Apple is rumoured to be working on releasing a new smaller and cheaper iPhone 11 substitute sometime next year. Specific features are unknown but some compatibility with the macOS Catalina might come in handy.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock is currently trading at $227.06, just 0.02% higher than its $227.01 previous close. At $1.026 trillion, AAPL is the second-largest stock in the market, only behind Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). Apple’s rumored new iPhone for 2020 is expected to drive prices higher.

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