Apple Arcade Gaming Platform Is Now Available for iOS 13 Ahead of Official Launch

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Apple Arcade Gaming Platform Is Now Available for iOS 13 Ahead of Official Launch
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Days earlier than its official launch date, Apple has given iOS 13 users the opportunity to enjoy the Apple Arcade before others. Users will have the opportunity to enjoy all more than a hundred games for free, for a month.

Apple released its much-anticipated gaming service Apple Arcade a few days earlier than the expected date of 19th September. However, it is only available for users who are on the iOS 13 public beta and will probably be available to all other iOS platforms on the original expected date.

At the moment, iOS 13 users will easily be able to sign up on the service and have the opportunity to pay a monthly subscription fee but enjoy the service for free, for a month. On the App Store, interested users can find an “Arcade” button and use the “Try it free” button to enjoy many different games.

The Apple Arcade will be supported by a user’s account across Apple devices including Mac computers, the iPad, the iPod touch, the iPhone and Apple TV as well. This means that gamers will be able to continue their games from wherever they stopped, even on a different device. So far, there are no ads or in-app purchases for any of the games.

Apple first revealed plans for the Apple Arcade in March, advertising that it will launch with more than 100 different games. The eventual launch on the 19th will give access to Apple users in more than 150 countries. Users in these countries who have the iPhone 6S and later devices will also be allowed to update to the new OS and enjoy these services as well.

According to Apple Newsroom publication, the games available on the service have been in the making for years by developers who have “woven artistry, curiosity and a lot of heart into a curated selection of diverse, fresh games made possible by Apple Arcade.”

The publication includes a card-based game called Card of Darkness; post-apocalyptic road adventure game called Overland; Patterned, a game involving the arrangement of colored puzzle pieces; as well as The Enchanted World a game which allows player control a fairy in an attempt to fix a world which is otherwise falling apart.

The initial Apple Arcade announcement months ago, specifically stated that the games on the platform will not just be handpicked by Apple. Rather, Apple is fully involved in their creation and is making significant contributions to their development, along with the creators.

The subscription service is expected to include games from many popular gaming and entertainment companies including Konami, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Annapurna Interactive, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Klei Entertainment, Snowman, and Bossa Studios, just to name a few. All the games available on the platform will also be downloadable so that users can easily play them offline. Apple also intends to continuously add more games regularly. The service is expected to cost $4.99 monthly.

At the time of writing, AAPL stock is up +0.53% making $220,0 per share (pre-market data) with a market cap of $993.768B.

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