Here’s What Apple’s New iPhone 11 Likely to Be Like

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by Christopher Hamman · 3 min read
Here’s What Apple’s New iPhone 11 Likely to Be Like
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Apple is set to have its annual unveiling event. Will the technology giant breakout of the current “more-of-the-same” situation it is in? What exactly should we expect in the new iPhone 11? These are the questions on everyone’s mind.

Apple is set to introduce its new set of phones at its annual phone launch on Tuesday the 10th of September, 2019 at the Steve Jobs theater in the Cupertino, California campus of the company. It has been rumored that the iPhone XS, XSMax and XR will be replaced with iPhone 11, Max/11 pro and 11R. Many are even saying that the new iPhone will most likely be the iPhone 11 ProMax.

It is expected that Apple will also introduce a whole range of new devices including new AirPods and HomePods. Apple’s streaming service is expected to be introduced as well. 

The New iPhone’s Features

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new iPhone will have behind it not two but three cameras which will be difficult to miss due to its “camera square”. Faster processors are expected to be included in this year’s iPhone including the new IOS. With three cameras a lot of new tricks are expected to occur for the users. 

FaceID in the new iPhones will now function at different angles rather than at one angle only. This helps if you’re on the go and need to unlock the phone. OLEDs are going to be in use this year. However, it is expected that an OLED/LCD mix might also be used.

Apple is said to have used shatter-resistant glass for the new iPhone and improved water-resistance is one feature that everyone is expecting.

Introducing the Slow-Motion Selfie

Imagine being able to record yourself or others doing stuff in slow motion? Well, it might be possible this year. 9 to 5 Mac’s Guilherme Rambo said that the front camera of the new iPhone will be able to record with a frame speed of 120 fps. Facetime will now level so that it will seem like two people having a conversation are looking at each other in the eye rather than at the screen.

It will now be also possible to edit videos with the new iPhone in real-time as well as edit and upload personally important events simultaneously.

Wireless charging of AirPods is also expected. It has been a long time coming as competitors have introduced this for a while now a perfect example being the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apple Faces New Hurdles

The recent US tariffs on goods imported from China are expected to have an impact on sales of Apple’s hardware. This is because the technology giant is almost completely dependent on hardware manufacturers in China.

The new iPhone won’t have 5G compatibility either. This is because the United States hasn’t fully implemented 5G in most cities. Next year, Apple is expected to unveil a 5G phone. Not yet though. Foldable displays which may just be the next big thing are also missing in Apples’ lineup but that may change as well.

As there are no major innovations in terms of design functionality, many have speculated that this may be the beginning of the end for the iPhone brand. For now, though, it is expected that Apple’s core global following will still stick with the iPhone

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