Apple (AAPL) Analyst: All Three iPhones Will Support 5G in 2020

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Apple (AAPL) Analyst: All Three iPhones Will Support 5G in 2020
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While we’re still waiting for Apple’s Earning Report, a new report says that all three new iPhones will support 5G. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that Apple has more resources for developing the 5G iPhone after the acquisition of Intel baseband business.

In June, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple (AAPL) would launch three new iPhones in 2020, two of which would feature 5G connectivity. However, since Apple iPhone sales were dropping at a record pace, there came a new report where Kuo claims that all three iPhone models will support fast 5G cellular data. The 2020 iPhones are expected to feature significant redesigns compared to the current lineup, coming in new 6.7-inch, 5.4-inch, and 6.1-inch screen sizes.

Kuo also bases his opinion in the fact that following Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s smartphone modem chip business, Apple has now more resources for developing the 5G iPhone. Also, he expects that the prices of 5G Android smartphones will decline to $249-349 USD in the second half of 2020. He says that 5G Android smartphones, which will be sold at $249-349 USD, will only support Sub-6GHz, but the key is that consumers will think that 5G is the necessary function.

What it actually means is that Apple is betting that its customers will want to have the ability to take advantage of the wide range of 5G networks, pay more for it:

“Therefore, iPhone models which will be sold at higher prices have to support 5G for winning more subsidies from mobile operators and consumers’ purchase intention.”

Some analysts don’t agree on that saying that the company isn’t quite ready to switch away from Qualcomm, and that it won’t likely be until 2021 before it can use its own version.

Nevertheless, Kevin Krewell, an analyst with the chip-analysis firm Tirias Research LLC said that by designing its own modems, Apple should be more able to integrate them with the iPhone’s other microprocessors, boosting the iPhone’s battery life and saving valuable real estate inside the iPhone.

However, Kuo claims that all three models will support both the mmWave and sub-6GHz versions of 5G. mmWave technology is the super-fast 5G that’s most often talked about, but not all 5G networks are going to use mmWave technology in all areas because it’s best suited to denser urban areas.

In that way, using the superfast, low-latency 5G networks that has just started to go into service, the pressure is on Apple to keep pace with other phone makers, including Samsung and LG, that have already brought their first 5G devices onto the market.

According to Kuo, Apple could also show a new iPhone – iPhone 11 design next year, pretty much different from the current design, which was first debuted on the iPhone X and continued by the current-gen iPhone XS and XR. However, there were no details given.

Kuo has also spouted some predictions about Apple’s 2021 iPhones, which he claims will adopt full-screen fingerprint recognition technology and an under-screen TrueDepth camera.

Let’s not forget that a few days ago Apple announced that its long-awaited credit card is only weeks away from launching. This product came as a result of the fierce and high-stakes development process for the Silicon Valley giant and the Wall Goldman Sachs. The Apple Card should be launched in the first half of August.

At the time of writing, Apple (AAPL) stock went up a bit for 0.35% to $207.74.

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