Apple to Launch 5 New Models in 2020, 3 of Them with 5G, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

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Apple to Launch 5 New Models in 2020, 3 of Them with 5G, Says Ming-Chi Kuo
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Apple has had a rather successful year, the next one is also expected to be a good year. Kuo says Apple’s 2020 lineup will feature five new phones.

It seems that this year hasn’t been nearly enough for Apple. According to the recent forecasts from the famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company plans to release five new iPhone models next year.

In a research note with TF International Securities, Kuo drafted his presumptions for a new phone dubbed iPhone SE 2. As Kuo predicts, it could come with a 4.7-inch LCD display in the first half of 2020. After SE 2 comes a higher-end all-OLED lineup comprised of 5.4-inch, two 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch models in the second half of the year. Kuo also expects that all four models will support 5G having a Qualcomm X55 modem. He also noted that the accessibility of models with Sub-6G-only or Sub-6G-plus-mmWave types of 5G will vary from country to country.

Furthermore, Kuo said he predicts the iPhone models with mmWave may be available in five markets, meaning the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Apple could decide to disable Sub-6G those functions in countries that will not be covered by 5G service or will have a facile 5G penetration rate to decrease costs of production.

The so-called iPhone SE 2 will probably look like the iPhone 8. However, it will have faster A13 chip and 3GB of RAM. The device will still have a single-lens rear camera, same as the original iPhone SE and the iPhone 8.

The four higher-end iPhones are expected to look like the iPhone 4, including a new metal frame that will probably have flatter edges.

Pretty much similar predictions had JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee who said Apple could release a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhones, and one 6.7-inch iPhone.

Even though it is still not clear if this is the company’s plan, it is almost sure that the entire iPhone lineup will have OLED displays and 5G technology.

Chatterjee thinks that two of the higher-end iPhones will use new rear camera technology with “world-facing” 3D sensing for better augmented reality possibilities, while the others will use dual-lens setups similar that the iPhone 11 has.

As per 5G technology, Chaterjee predicts two higher-end iPhones could offer support for mmWave, while the two lower-end iPhones may be limited to the sub-6GHz spectrum, which is not as fast but has a wider range.

mmWave 5G technology will probably be bounded to big cities and dense urban areas because of its short range. 5G networks in rural and suburban areas will probably use the slower sub-6GHz technology, such as the 600MHz network T-Mobile presented.

In order to make the lower-end iPhones cheaper, Apple might limit the mmWave antenna to higher-end models, even though some rumors said Apple wants to match the technology of Android phones with its 2020 iPhones.

It’s also worth mentioning that on the stock market, Apple is doing pretty good as well demonstrating a significant increase since the same period last year. While now the stock is trading for around $265,58, 12 months ago its price was $174.

Though the year for the company started a lower of $157, then the situation improved. As for the last 4 months, they were rather successful for Apple. Since the beginning of August, its stock hasn’t gone below the $200.

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