No iPhone Update at Apple September Event, New iPad Air and Apple Watch 6 in the Spotlight

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No iPhone Update at Apple September Event, New iPad Air and Apple Watch 6 in the Spotlight
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The event titled ‘Time Flies’ will be all about the Apple Watch, the iPad Air, Apple software, and will include a few interesting announcements.

In what seems like a strategic release or a mere turn of events, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) will not be announcing any iPhone hardware update on September, 15. Instead, the Apple Event will be all about the Apple Watch, the iPad Air, Apple software and a few other interesting announcements.

In the past few months, there has been high speculation on the likely iPhone 12 prototype to be unveiled during the September event. However, the company has opted to cool down the air of speculation by possibly pushing the iPhone 12 update to next month. Perhaps the company was collecting the market’s feedback and developing towards what the customers seemed to be demanding.

The smartphone industry is experiencing a huge competition made worse by the coronavirus pandemic that has largely interfered with global shipments especially during the better part of the first half 2020. Delivering cutting edge technology at an affordable price seems the first priority of the company that is rushing to deliver before its set schedules.

Apple shares were trading approximately 1% up from yesterday’s closing value, $115.36. After experiencing a strong sell pressure during the past one month, AAPL stock was up 2.28% in the past five days through Monday. Overall, Apple shareholders have been taking profits since the beginning of the year despite the coronavirus market disruption. AAPL shares were up 57.13% YTD through Monday and managed to add slightly above 31% in the past three months.

With a $1.92 trillion market capitalization, huge cash deposit amidst the crisis, the company is in a better vantage point to take advantage of any opportunity that emerges. According to metrics provided by MarketWatch, 41 credible analysts have given the Apple share an ‘Over’ rating.

Apple September 15 Event ‘Time Flies’

The event titled ‘Time Flies’ will be devoted to the Apple Watch, the iPad Air, Apple software and some other interesting moments.

According to a popular mobile website, the Apple Watch Series 6 will be the star of the show. It’s expected to build on the design of the Watch Series 5 but ads a Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) sensor, native sleep tracking, and an improved electrocardiogram feature – Series 4 and 5 watches show ECG inconsistencies in the 100-120 heartbeats per minute range.

Another major hardware announcement will likely be the iPad Air 4. Besides, the company can surprise the customers with anything new all to calm the high expectations of the iPhone 12 models.

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