Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints at Possible Resignation in 2025

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints at Possible Resignation in 2025
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Back in April, the Apple CEO Tim Cook had told NY Times about his plan to not be around for “another decade”, which had fueled speculations, implying a possible end of his reign as Apple CEO as early as in 2025.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has recently given some indications that he might not be available for another round as a CEO for Apple Inc. Cook had taken charge of the company when the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away after battling cancer in 2011.

In an interview held with the New York Times, Cook told the media that he wouldn’t be around for the next decade which gave rise to speculation regarding the next possible CEO to take charge which will help boost the business to new profitable heights.

Tim Cook: Humble Beginnings

Cook took charge of the company in a turbulent phase when the organization was battling a grave loss of its founder Steve Jobs. Cook however gloriously managed to keep the company afloat and continued to extend Apple’s legacy by scaling the organizational hierarchical pursuits and amplifying sales target and scale. Under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple successfully managed to grow their stocks by 1000%, worked on creating interacting user-friendly products, and helped in expanding business via introducing technologically advanced products and service packages.

Tim Cook worked in synchronization with the company’s ordeals and managed to run a multi-trillion-dollar organization hosting more than 100,000 employees, all while keeping the excellent product portfolio of Apple thriving with new introductory and innovative solutions.

Speculations about Next Apple CEO Grow as Tim Cook Hints at Resignation

While the world patiently awaits the arrival of the new CEO with additional responsibilities and pressures to keep the organization running smoothly, Cook, who turned 61 this year, has assured that he will continue to be the CEO of Apple Inc till 2025.

According to sources, the decision of Cook to continue as the front line leader till 2025 comes in light of a new product category that Apple Inc. is enthusiastically looking forward to launching. Apple will be debuting its mixed reality headset. This headset will incorporate the combination of AR and VR technology and is expected to fuel profit margins for the company by building an attractive new user base.

It is highly unlikely for Cook to stay as Apple’s CEO after 2025, owing to several factors, including the impending launch of AR glasses that is scheduled to launch sometime soon as well as his shares being paid in full in 2025. Moreover, Cook announcing his intention to not be around for the next decade further confirms his plan to retire sometime between 2025-2028.

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