Apple Watch Series 5 Lineup to Launch in Fall With New OLED Displays

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Apple Watch Series 5 Lineup to Launch in Fall With New OLED Displays
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Apple could be coming up with not just one but four new models of the Apple Watch Series 5 this year. The four models filed this week were listed as A2156, A2157, A2092 and A2093 and would be running the smartwatch OS, the WatchOS 6.

It seems that Apple (AAPL) is getting ready for an Apple Watch Series 5 launch pretty soon – at least if we are to believe well known analyst at TF International Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo.

His latest research note for says the loss-making company Japan Display will supply OLED displays for that model. As per Kuo’s forecast, Japan Display will gradually expand its proportion of OLED display orders for the Apple Watch, starting with 15-20 percent of orders in 2019 and reaching 70-80 percent in 2021.

Apple Watch Series 5 models will likely be revealed next month together with three new iPhones. This dodn’t come as such surprise, since Series 1 through Series 4 models all launched in September. However there were some gossip about Series 5 models but nothing concrete until now so this news came as a breath of a fresh air.

Kuo earlier mentioned that a “new ceramic casing design” would be “added” to the Apple Watch lineup. However, he did not speak of Series 5 models.

With Apple moving to OLED technology, things around the whole business collapsed a bit so the company had to secure investment earlier this year to the tune of $738 million.

Ming-Chi Kuo said also that the company will use LG for additional OLED supplies for iPhone and that Apple itself will bring another provider online in the form of China-based BOE.

Companies such as Apple are constantly trying to save money and seeking the best value-for-money. At the same time, they are trying to lower sacking and dependence on a single company.

By having BOE included into the supply chain, the business will be able to expand that pack and minimize the costs.

Four New Models of Apple Watch to Be Presented

Cupertino based company allegedly registered four new watch variants at the Eurasian Economic Commission database. That makes almost certain the possibility that all four models make an appearance in September during the introduction of the new smartwatch.

The four models filed this week were listed as A2156, A2157, A2092 and A2093 and would be running the smartwatch OS, the WatchOS 6. Beside the Apple Watch, the company also updated their EEC database that shows expectations of more iPhones who will run iOS 13.

The arrival of the EEC filings is critical because it allows the company to sell encrypted devices in Russia and other countries. Supposedly, there will be plenty of new functions included as is, for example, a life-saving ECG feature, which became available to several countries in the last few months. It has been confirmed also that Apple will release a smartwatch that’ll help people with hearing problems and help women keep track of their reproductive cycle.

Allegedly, there will also be sleep tracking included, better battery life and the watch itself could come in both titanium and ceramic finishes. One of the most expected repeats of the next iOS smartwatch is a MicroLED display as well.

A French Instagramer by the name of Steven Huon whose account is set to private allegedly posted the following image that was then retweeted:

It seems that nevertheless the device photo above is real or fake, Apple Watch 5 won’t show any bigger changes in its design. However, it was redesigned last year so this was an expected thing.

We already wrote that company is working on their new AirPods that will cost more than the $159 entry price of the current model. The new AirPods should be shown by next year, so they might not be announced at the next iPhone event. As per rumors, new features could include water resistance and noise cancelation.

Stock Grew 33% This Year

At the time of writing Apple stock went down a bit by 0.6% to $211.19. However, the company’s shares rose 33% since the start of this year and are currently trading down only a few percentage points from an all-time high of $230 a share.

The company regained investor’s confidence, mostly because of its strategy to broaden revenue base. Even though the iPhone revenue came lower than expected, the company has generated record second-quarter revenue. The revenue growth was supported by bigger increase in services, wearables, and greater China revenue.

The company’s Wearables revenue jumped 50% Y/Y, thanks to record Apple Watch sales.

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