Apple Watch Users Can Now Receive Bitcoin Through New Lightning App

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Apple Watch Users Can Now Receive Bitcoin Through New Lightning App
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Bluewallet launches a new application for Apple Smartwatch using Lightning technology. From now on users can receive Bitcoin payments on their smartwatch.

Bluewallet (a lightning network wallet) launched a new application for Apple watch that allows users make Bitcoin transactions. This became possible due to the new and promising Lightning technology.

The version of Bluewallet App for a watch is extremely simple. To perform a transaction it is only necessary to acquire a QR code that the other user will have to scan for receiving or sending payments.

According to Product and UX engineer Nuno Coelho provided by CoinDesk, now they contemplate this application more as an experiment.

“It’s a small experiment we’re doing to put wallets on the watch. The first releases will be simple, allowing you to receive lightning payments.”

New App for smartwatches, also an experimental one, was developed by only three team members. Although Nuno Coelho underlined:

“If feedback is good, we’ll spend more time on the project. It’s a very early stage industry so we’re trying to figure out how to build this stuff properly.”

Until now it is impossible to say if this watch app is going to attract users’ attention and to bring success to its developers. The question is if there are enough people who prefer smartwatch to the usual smartphone and if it is convenient to make operations with Bitcoin on your wrist. Coehlo replied on that in the following way:

“Sometimes the convenience of just [receiving bitcoin] with two taps from your wrist can be a relevant user experience, specially on the go or if you need to be fast.”

It can also become popular among smartwatch users because of the desire for privacy. Apple’s watch screen is much smaller than the one of a smartphone, so it cannot be so easily seen by others around.

However, a new application for Apple smartwatch is just the first experiment release. Its future is in hands of the developers. If it is going to show good results they will provide customers with new features and possibilities.

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