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ARK to Sponsor and Present at Consensus 2018

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
ARK to Sponsor and Present at Consensus 2018
Photo: ARK

When participating in Consensus 2018, ARK will meet and interact with some of the largest players in the sector, showcasing all it has to offer for the industry.

ARK, All-in-One Blockchain Solutions platform, will participate as a sponsor for Consensus 2018, one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world. Consensus is expected to shatter last year’s attendance record in terms of both audience and speakers, making this an amazing occasion for ARK’s marketing efforts.

Interoperability Between Blockchains

ARK is a French-based startup with a platform looking to give users, developers, and blockchain startups a way to communicate cross-platform. With a myriad of blockchain networks existing, ARK focuses on interoperability between all of them without the need for users to switch chains every time they need to send a transaction or execute a smart contract.

This is possible through ARK’s smartbridge technology, where the second blockchain listens for a trigger from ARK. Once an action is executed by a user on one chain, ARK automatically transfers information to the other chain, where it’s then recorded immediately.

Сorporations & the Power of ARK

ARK has massive appeal to companies looking to integrate blockchain technology into daily operations due to their one-click blockchain deployment, allowing others to easily start an ARK clone to build their own compatible chain. ARK has already tested this with working models for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin blockchains, three of the most used blockchain networks to this day.

Users can access wallets on their Android and iOS devices for on the go ease, as well as through a Ledger hardware wallet for extra security.

Consensus details

As a sponsor ARK joins the list of such renown corporations as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, PWC, Circle, Ledger and many other companies from the financial, cryptocurrency, and tech industries.

Some of the most influential press platforms will be there, including journalists from Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Thomson Reuters.

The conference will hold its 4th annual meeting in Hilton Midtown, New York City, between Monday, May 14th, and Wednesday, May 16th. During these three days over 250 experts, knowledgeable on different aspects of blockchain technology and the world surrounding it, will give talks with an expected audience of over 5000 members.

The audience consists of people from different backgrounds: everything from industry startups, financial institutions, academic groups, and tech leaders as well. Last year’s attendance included a sitting US governor, former Secretary of the Treasury, and over 50 industry CEOs.

Besides being a sponsor for the event, ARK also has a booth to introduce visitors to ARK, with ARK developers having a private room where one-on-one meetings can be held.

The first day consists of ARK giving a presentation, discussing the more technical side of the project. Their presentation follows Persona and Blockport’s, making them third for the day.

The next two days after that are also filled with presentations being given all day by ARK’s co-founders. Some of these discussions are introductory, while others go further in-depth, talking about how it plans to revolutionize the blockchain scene.

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