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Ashley Wallbridge Announced as Brand Ambassador and Executive Music Producer for Metaverse Game MetaRace Horse Racing

September 14th, 2022 at 3:30 pm UTC · 3 min read

Ashley Wallbridge Announced as Brand Ambassador and Executive Music Producer for Metaverse Game MetaRace Horse Racing
Photo: Metarace

According to sources, globally renowned DJ and music producer Ashley Wallbridge joined the MetaRace Horse Racing team on September 9th, 2022, as brand ambassador and executive music producer. The two parties will collaborate to bring Wallbridge’s distinctive dance music and atmospheric soundtrack styles to Web3 and blockchain projects, explore new distribution channels for music and IP, and find ways for artists to take advantage of the innovative technology now available through the rapid growth of Web3.

MetaRace is a blockchain-based project focused on competitive online gaming in the metaverse. The transfer of the sporting and economic models of horse racing to the blockchain has enabled the creation of multiple gameplay elements: racing, tournaments, breeding, buying and selling, as well as social interaction between players. Each horse in the game has distinct genetic attributes, offering almost infinite outcomes for racing and breeding and ensuring healthy competition at all levels.

The MetaRace team is already working with Wallbridge to enhance the in-game audio and create a highly immersive experience for players all over the world. Their collaboration signals the start of a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship that will surely extend to other projects, providing a catalyst for the integration of all aspects of the music industry into the expanding Web3 landscape.

The UK-based team at MetaRace has made it clear from the start of the project that player experience is their highest priority, and they continue to invest time optimising and testing the game ahead of its forthcoming launch. Algorithms, graphics, user interface, navigation, horse attributes and race mechanics are just some of the factors affecting the overall player experience.

This collaboration, between a nascent blockchain project and an established DJ, musician and producer of such high calibre is an ambitious but calculated move for both parties, not only bringing fresh ideas to create a soundtrack for the metaverse, but also taking Wallbridge’s music to a new global audience of blockchain and crypto-savvy fans.

About Metarace

As a blockchain game with its roots firmly in the real world, MetaRace brings the noble sport of horse racing to life in the digital world of the metaverse, using genetic attributes and algorithmic technology to introduce variation and unpredictability to race outcomes. MetaRace players can enjoy the excitement of competition and reap generous cryptocurrency rewards for claiming a place among the winners. In future releases, extended reality (XR) technology will enhance the audio-visual experience further to deliver the ultimate metaverse gaming experience.

About DJ and Music Producer Ashley Wallbridge

Ash has released two #1 artist albums, registered over 30 million streams, soundtracked the trailers for the last three Aston Martin cars, scored music for Lotus and Marvel, toured some of the world’s most prestigious nightclubs and contributed to blockbuster movie soundtracks. Ash understands music and its atmospheric effects and uses his creativity in sound design to build tension and create excitement, ensuring the audience enjoys a full sensory experience.

As MetaRace executive music producer, Ash blends the old with the new, matching his music with the power and speed of the horses and using traditional instruments, vintage synthesizers and the latest digital equipment to create an exciting metaverse-inspired soundtrack for the game.

Metarace socials: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram.

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