ASPROEX Platform Token Moon Officially Submits STO Application to the U.S. SEC

Place/Date: - July 27th, 2020 at 11:14 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Asproex

Photo: Asproex 

ASPROEX (Apollo Exchange) was officially established on June 8, 2019. ASPROEX is an enterprise token exchange affiliated to the offshore Bank of the Caribbean region, a world-renowned offshore financial center. It has a digital currency exchange license and operates legally.

The application for the platform-based Token Moon issued by the US SEC is also the world’s first STO where the digital asset exchange applies for a platform token to the SEC, which will lead the next trend of the digital asset exchange!

Moon will be the most important and only underlying crypto asset in Apollo’s open financial ecosystem, and the world’s first exchange platform token issued in the form of mining coins. To hold Moon means to be a member of Apollo’s open finance ecosystem. Moon will have a wealth of usage scenarios, including but not limited to transaction fee discounts, priority purchase rights for platform financial products, borrowing and contract collateral, and interest discounts.

The application of the Token Moon issued by the ASPROEX platform to the US SEC will mean that ASPROEX financing will become compliant and legal in the future, and will be protected by the US securities laws. Investors will get a safer guarantee. This will be another milestone in ASPROEX’s internationalization.