Counter-Strike Champion Astralis Team to Go for First Global E-sports IPO

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Counter-Strike Champion Astralis Team to Go for First Global E-sports IPO
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E-sports team Astralis, which is known as the world Counter-Strike champion, is set for the first-ever Initial Public Offering in the gaming industry.

In a history-making move, popular e-sports team Astralis, which is known as the world Counter-Strike champion, is aiming for the first e-sports initial public offering. Sources indicate that the Denmark-based top e-sports gaming company is aiming to conquer the e-sports market which currently worth about $1.1 billion. Sources also further indicate that the IPO based on the prospectus is set to raise between 125 to 150 Danish Kroner which is about $18 million to $22 million. The listing is scheduled for December 9 and it is said to take place on Nasdaq’s Copenhagen exchange for small companies.

Professional e-sports has grown over the years from gaming titles such as Counter-Strike, Quake, and Star-Craft. The big boost came however after Amazon launched the Twitch Platform and Youtube also made enhancements to allow gamers and fans to be able to expand their craft. This also created all sorts of opportunities for gamers, fans, and even sponsors to create an ecosystem that increased the potential of the gaming market as a whole. 

The e-sports market is expected to be worth more than $2 billion come 2022 and the fan viewers are expected to hit 595 million as well indicating that e-sports will take center stage, especially for younger fans due to an exponential increase in internet bandwidth speeds and the introduction of new mobile internet technologies such as 5G networks. This will also work alongside new platforms that are expected to spring up in response to increased demand from generation Z players and fans. 

Astralis Group is the mother company of the Astralis (CS: GO) team, Origen (League of Legends) team and Future FC (FIFA team). Nikolaj Nyholm and Jakob Lund Kristensen, who are the co-founders of RFRSH Entertainment decided to go their own way and do something new as regards e-sports. The came up with the idea of acquiring dual teams Astralis and Origen in a deal worth $11million to $16 million. Then they launched the Future FC FIFA e-sports team which has received sponsorship from major car brand Audi.

Astralis is the leading CS: GO team in the world currently having won four major events and earned about $7.4 million in winnings too. They also seem to know their onions when it comes to FIFA e-sports games as well with the Audi sponsorship indicating that Nikolaj Nyholm, Jakob Lund Kristensen, and the entire team may just be able to pull this IPO off and deliver the goodies back to investors in terms of returns. While e-sports may be one of the riskiest ventures on earth in terms of investments it also offers the promise of great returns as this new form of investments can be a money-spinner for those who catch the trend early. 

This is because most e-sports teams are privately held according to sources and with this IPO a new standard of valuation of e-sports teams is in the offing. The question, however, remains if Astralis Group proves to be profitable enough for venture capitalists to swoop in and bring e-sports as an investment alternative to the mainstream. Time will tell as it is the best arbiter of all things. 

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