Axie Infinity Launches Builders Program, AXS Token Corrects Partially After 24% Rally

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Axie Infinity Launches Builders Program, AXS Token Corrects Partially After 24% Rally
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In a push toward community-driven growth, Axie Infinity is launching a new Builders Program along with grants in AXS to build new gaming experiences for users.

On Tuesday, May 31, the play-to-earn blockchain game Axie Infinity announced the launch of its new Builders Program on the platform. The program seeks to provide greater entertainment and utility via community-built experiences.

Axie Infinity Builders Program

For this, the team behind Axie Infinity is also partnering with other major game studios. Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity said that community co-creation will be a key growth strategy for them.

Along with supporting the development of program recipients, Axie Infinity will go a step further for community developers not accepted into the Builders Program to build and monetize Axie Infinity experiences as long as they abide by the guidelines. Commenting on the development, Philip La, game product lead at Axie Infinity, said:

“The Builders Program is the first step in a new world where the community can make significant and meaningful contributions directly toward games and projects they love and is one of many initiatives that will allow players to gain more enjoyment from the Axies they own. We can’t wait to see these projects come to life and look forward to seeing what the community will create next”.

Axie Infinity is a very popular play-to-earn blockchain game. It also allows players to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of popular gaming characters like Pokemon. During gameplay, players can also earn another token dubbed Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Later, they can trade them for money at the exchange.

AXS Token Surges 24%

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the governance token powering Axie Infinity surged 24% on Tuesday, May 31, moving all the way to $27. However, it has entered some correction since and is currently trading 10% down at $22.56.

The AXS token also surged as the Axie Infinity Builders Program offers some perks in exchange for building a valuable functionality within Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity will fund the projects with a minimum $10,000 grant in AXS tokens.

Besides, Axie Infinity will also offer exclusive access to tech integration such as Ronin Single-Sign-On and Ronin wallet transactions. The projects will also get guidance from teams of Axie Infinity behind game design, product, and engineering.

Furthermore, these projects can also monetize their games using Axie Infinity’s brand on a revenue-sharing model. “We will be accepting many more teams over time (and maybe even quite soon) and everyone should continue to build,” added Sky Mavis.

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