AXL Introduces Its Native Token via 10-day Presale that Starts on December 18

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AXL Introduces Its Native Token via 10-day Presale that Starts on December 18
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The AXL ecosystem will give users the opportunity to leverage the local NFT technology in minting or purchasing their NFTs.

AXL decentralized exchange is a smart project running under the backing of ETH blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. The technology backing this project makes it possible for token users to take advantage of services such as:

  • Staking: whereby AXL hodlers may stake tokens within the staking pools of the exchange. In return, they receive rewards alongside transaction fees.
  • Provision of Liquidity: Holders provide the exchange with liquidity and get rewarded with AXL tokens
  • Lending-related services
  • Borrowing-related services
  • IDO launching: where AXL Launchpad allows multiple cryptocurrency projects to launch their IDOs as well as spread tokens.
  • Yield farming: where platform users are able to generate income by locking up assets within liquidity pools and obtaining a chunk of the yield, transaction fees, or interests from lenders as well as governance tokens.
  • NFT trading, minting, and financing

The DEX started their token launch with a presale that started on 18th December 18 and continues until 28th December 2021.

AXL DEX features two native tokens:

  • AXLs

While it is a native token by AXL exchange, AXLs token shall only serve as the exchange’s rewarding token. As the exchange offers liquidity for the benefit of market makers, everytime you provide the exchange with assets, they get rewards of these tokenized AXLs. Market-makers also get income drawn out of trading fees.

  • AXL Token

AXL token stands the native token for the AXL project. It can be used in trading over this AXL platform. As interoperability between two different chains is allowed, the AXL token bears a use case on both the ETH as well as the BSC chains.

Presale Event

This presale event by AXL provides a debut for the AXL token. This is the native token of the platform, and shall henceforth be accessible through the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. Over the 10-day period, AXL token is going at a fixed rate of $0.00075 for every AXL token as the pre-sale offer price.

Those who are involved in this presale event have an opportunity to reserve tokens for themselves, but shall only acquire them when this sale comes to completion. In such regard, this presale event shall occur through two different stages, each overseen by a different entity as follows:

Phase Host Description
1 Public Sale
2 ETHPad and BSCPad Private Sale

Token Distribution

Item Percentage (%)
Staking Rewards 30
Pre-Sale 25
Locked Incentives 6.5
CEX Reserved 20
DEX Liquidity 15
Airdrop 1
Team Locked for 3 Years 2.5

NFT Trading, Minting and Financing

The AXL ecosystem will give users the opportunity to leverage the local NFT technology in minting or purchasing their NFTs. As an ecosystem, there are up to 10,000 collectible characters that are all unique and featured over the AXL platform. These collectible characters are all powered by the AXL Inu. Additionally, there are also up to 20 DogeIon Mars (ELON) alongside 80 zombies in this AXL Inu platform. With this release, the AXL exchange shall make it possible for holders to take advantage of the NFT platform that provides an opportunity for minting their NFTs or buy the ones which fascinate them. Token users can also stake AXL tokens over featured staking pools and get rewards of transaction fees in return.

About AXL

AXL is a decentralized exchange running on the ETH and BSC technologies while running on an ecosystem that supports pools providing liquidity, a program supporting staking and yield farming, IDO launchpad, minting of NFTs, and a platform where users can borrow and lend.

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