B2Broker Enables Users to Start Their Own Crypto Business in One Month

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B2Broker Enables Users to Start Their Own Crypto Business in One Month
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With its turnkey solution, the company allows clients to quickly launch their own projects in one of the most promising and fastest growing industries.

The crypto market has witnessed a major growth over the recent years due to the rising demand for cryptocurrency related services. Given the popularity of crypto trading, more and more exchanges are entering the market, thus making it more appealing for new businesses. However, the complexity and high cost of setting up an exchange often discourage entrepreneurs.

B2Broker is a new project for those wishing to start their business in this lucrative sector. With its ready-made turnkey solution, the company allows people to launch their cryptocurrency projects within just a month, whether it’s a trading platform or an ICO.

Establishing a Trading Platform

Setting up a cryptocurrency exchange is probably the best way of starting a crypto business, as the amount of new virtual currencies is constantly rising. Moreover, there has been a substantial growth in the number of ICOs that always need to launch their coins on trading platforms.

This type of business is not only time-consuming, but requires a lot of funds. To start a proprietary trading platform will cost you around $500,000 and even such an investment will not guarantee a successful result.

B2Broker’s cryptocurrency exchange turnkey solution is an ideal instrument for starting an exchange with no big budget. Using B2Trader trading platform, users can list unlimited tradable assets, such as digital assets, fiat currencies, and equities. Due to the use of an integrated approach, all components of the platform, including user interface and matching engine, can be easily customized. Moreover, entrepreneurs can start earning funds right from the day of launch.

Launching an ICO Campaign

As more projects are using ICO as a fundraising tool, the need to list their coins on exchanges has also increased. Still, launching an ICO campaign is a challenging process, with many startups failing to reach their goal.

B2Broker has developed its own ICO platform to completely automate the funding process and allow investors to fully control their ICOs. Users can monitor how much money has been raised and how many investors took part in the project. The platform offers a range of other benefits, including a three-level security system, API for data transmission to the website or other sources, configured crypto-processing, a customizable smart contract, and a widget with exchange rates.

To ensure the use of your tokens, B2Broker has created and tested an effective approach that naturally drives the demand. Users can simply set the discount percentage on the trade commission when paying with the platform’s token, thus urging investors to purchase your token.

Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Broker

B2Broker provides a complete set of services necessary for launching a brokerage services business from scratch. The users of the turnkey solution can leverage the advantages of a larger brokerage, including support for multiple currencies and different payment options.

To overcome poor liquidity, which is one of the main problems for brokerage service providers at an early stage, B2Broker offers a broad range of digital currencies. According to the company, their broker aggregates liquidity from five biggest trading platforms, so instead of trusting a single exchange, users can rely on liquidity from different platforms.

In Conclusion

To sum up, B2Broker is a great opportunity for individuals and startups to realize their cryptocurrency project ideas in the shortest amount of time and at a reasonable price. With a full range of services, like sufficient liquidity, multi-currency support, legal framework, and others, it is now easier than ever to launch and run your own business in the crypto sphere.

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