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B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

January 10th, 2024 at 7:00 am UTC · 3 min read

B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

/B2Core/ – In the contemporary digital landscape, the significance of the front end in platforms like B2Core, a comprehensive CRM and back-office software suite tailored for financial enterprises, cannot be overstated. This is the interface through which users engage with the services and features, and the consolidation of aesthetics and functionality in the front end is pivotal for creating an intuitive and efficient user experience.

The recent launch of B2Core version 4 marks a significant milestone as it introduces a completely revamped front end, user interface (UI), trading features, wallet management, and more. Let’s delve into the details of these enhancements.

Streamlined Dashboard UI

The B2Core Dashboard serves as a personalised command centre for users. In B2Core v4, the introduction of a new left bar provides users with enhanced control over their dashboard layout. They can incorporate widgets that offer quick access links, display trading account information, showcase relevant banners, and adapt to different designs. This dynamic and interactive space is ideal for monitoring financial activities and seamlessly navigating the platform.

B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

Component-Based Architecture

B2Core version 4 uses a component-based front-end architecture, streamlining the development process by centralising a library of interface components. These standardised building blocks for the user interface are independently tested and verified.

Using these components enables quicker updates and improvements to the interface while maintaining quality. This approach ensures a more streamlined and reliable platform for B2Core CRM users, capable of adapting and evolving efficiently.

B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

Wallet Management & Funds Handling

The Wallet section introduces a new right bar, prompted by a simple click on a wallet, revolutionising how users access different transaction types and view recent activities.

The Transaction Operations Module now includes comprehensive functionalities such as deposit, withdrawal, internal withdrawal, transfer, and exchange options.

The Transactions History section is reorganised for easy navigation, allowing users to expand each transaction row for details and categorise transactions under distinct tabs.

B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

Advanced Trading

The upcoming B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP) promises an advanced and user-friendly trading experience within B2Core.

Additionally, the integration of B2BinPay and B2Broker’s liquidity solutions enhances B2Core’s offerings, providing extensive support for platform setup, risk management, and over 1000 instruments.

B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

Centralised Profile Management

The Profile area in B2Core v4 undergoes changes and is now conveniently located in the header for quick access. It integrates user settings, a robust security module, and streamlined verification processes.

The updated Presets page, where users can save withdrawal details, is redesigned for easier usage.

Sign-in and Sign-up processes are refined for enhanced security and user-friendliness.

B2Core Unveils Enhanced CRM Interface for Elevated UX

Additional UI Updates in B2Core v4

Let’s also mention extra upgrades, like:

  • Empowering Introducing Brokers (IBs) with an enhanced IB Dashboard and Reports, filtering options, Banners, and Promo sections.
  • Improved Helpdesk with enhanced chat functionality, support schedule visualisation, and support ticket management UX.
  • Smoother Mobile Integration and User Onboarding, featuring a unique QR code for seamless desktop-mobile transition and an Onboarding feature on each page.
  • Refined Bonus Management with a separated Bonus page for bonus programs and active subscriptions.
  • Interface Flexibility, allowing users to switch between the new and previous interfaces for a personalised experience.

Final Remarks

B2Core v4 represents a significant leap forward in user experience, complementing the recent integration of cTrader into the iOS app. This update focuses not only on the aesthetics but also on enhancing the interaction’s intuitiveness, efficiency, and dynamism for our users.

Explore B2Core v4 today to experience these fantastic front-end enhancements!

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