B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations

B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations, Expanded Liquidity Offers, and Updated Website

September 13th, 2023 at 3:20 pm UTC · 4 min read

B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations, Expanded Liquidity Offers, and Updated Website
Photo: B2Prime

B2Prime, a leader in multi-asset liquidity provision, has amplified its regulatory framework, expanded its liquidity range, and launched a modernised website. These steps underscore the company’s commitment to continuous innovation, effective communication, and a client-first philosophy. Let’s explore further.

Upholding Regulatory Standards

Central to B2Prime’s operations is its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, a cornerstone that fosters trust among its partners.

B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations, Expanded Liquidity Offers, and Updated Website

B2Prime Mauritius

B2Prime Mauritius, a new addition to the regulatory lineup, serves institutional and corporate sectors outside Europe, where they’ve introduced a unique settlement system. Platforms like OneZero and Prime XM now support fiat (EUR/USD) and digital currencies. This move aids brokers seeking transparency and stability, offering an alternative to traditional banking challenges. It also ensures Mauritius entities can collaborate with a trusted local liquidity provider, accessing a wide range of CFD assets.

B2Prime Cyprus

Tailored for the institutional and corporate sectors across Europe, this regulatory environment ensures brokers, especially those in Cyprus and neighbouring European territories, have a dependable EU-endorsed liquidity ally. This alliance brings forth a diverse range of crypto CFD pairs and rare instruments like NDFs and natural gas. Moreover, B2Prime Cyprus is equipped to collaborate with institutional and corporate sectors from areas beyond the EU, covering countries such as Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, and more.

B2Prime Mauritius and B2Prime Cyprus operate under a unified ethos, underscoring B2Prime’s commitment to seamless service.

Diversifying Liquidity Offerings

B2Prime acknowledges the importance of a comprehensive multi-asset liquidity portfolio. Their recent launch allows clients to tap into many instruments via a consolidated margin account. A key feature is the uninterrupted liquidity for their 93 crypto CFD pairs. With compatibility via FIX API on platforms such as OneZero and PrimeXM and an enticing 10% margin on leading pairs, B2Prime sets new benchmarks in the EU-regulated liquidity sector.

B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations, Expanded Liquidity Offers, and Updated Website

B2Prime’s suite is curated to enable clients to optimise their capital, establishing a distinctive market presence. Their approach ensures some of the most competitive spreads in the industry, complemented by attractive financing terms. The debut of NDFs as CFDs is another pioneering step, distinguishing B2Prime from its peers. They’ve also adjusted margin requirements on 10 crypto CFD instruments, underscoring their dedication to providing superior liquidity solutions.

Expanded Distribution Channels

B2Prime’s distribution strategies play a crucial role in shaping its service offerings. Serving a global clientele necessitates cutting-edge technological expertise. B2Prime remains unwavering in its goal to deliver unmatched multi-asset institutional liquidity, augmented by advanced technological collaborations. Partnerships with tech leaders like OneZero and Prime XM are integral to their offerings. Additionally, their liquidity can enhance any FIX API-compatible platform.

B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations, Expanded Liquidity Offers, and Updated Website

For brokers using MetaTrader, B2Prime has introduced Bridge Gateways for MT5 and a Bridge Plugin for MT4. These can be accessed either through native OneZero/PXM solutions or via Hub-to-Hub connections.

Furthermore, seamless integrations with platforms such as cTrader via the FIX API protocol ensure brokers can swiftly activate a prime margin account upon partnering with B2Prime. After the broker partners with B2Prime, a single prime margin account with IP address whitelisting and access to all pairs based on their specification list may be set up in one day.

Optimised Margin Conditions

B2Prime’s liquidity terms are crafted to give clients a competitive advantage at a value-driven price. A brief overview includes:

  • Prime Margin Account setup: Complimentary.
  • Monthly liquidity fee: $1,000.
  • Optional MT Gateway/Bridge monthly fee: $1,000.
  • Initial deposit: $10,000, fully tradable.

The fees will be adjusted against monthly commission charges based on trading activity. For an in-depth commission overview, inquiries are welcome.

B2Prime Website Enhancements

B2Prime Moves Forward with Tighter Regulations, Expanded Liquidity Offers, and Updated Website

In tandem with their service upgrades, B2Prime’s online platform has been redesigned to align with their premier offerings. The revamped design prioritises user engagement, ensuring smooth navigation and immediate access to essential details.

Key website upgrades include:

  • Visual Streamlining
  • Content Refinement
  • Smart Geographical Navigation
  • Header & Footer Refresh

These enhancements offer users comprehensive insight into B2Prime’s offerings and core values.

Final Remarks

With its fortified regulatory frameworks, B2Prime stands as a symbol of reliability. Their standout offerings, especially the 24/7 availability of 93 Crypto CFD pairs, position B2Prime as an industry trailblazer. Their website makeover further amplifies their innovative spirit.

This commitment will be showcased at the iFX Cyprus Expo, a distinguished event by industry mavens. Here, B2Prime will present its latest breakthroughs to an international audience.

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