Governor Kemp Thinks Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler is a Promising Senate Member

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Governor Kemp Thinks Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler is a Promising Senate Member
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Bakkt beats trading records from day to day. Now it is reported that its CEO, Kelly Loeffler, will replace U.S. Senator Isakson and will serve in the Senate until the elections in November 2020.

U.S. Senator Johny Isakson was serving well at his position in United States Senate. However, health issues are chasing the old man: he decided to leave the job and enjoy life. The governor Brian Kemp has the power to elect a new member of the Senate to serve till the special elections. Many people approached him with pitches.

President Trump Wanted His Brother in Arms to Acquire the Seat

President Donald Trump suggested appointing Doug Collins at this position. He is a Republican who has been serving four terms as a congressman. Doug is also known for his vigorous defense of the President’s way of governing.

However, governor Kemp will pick the current Bakkt CEO as the next representative, according to AJC. During a press conference that will take place in a week or so, the governor is going to sound out loud his decision.

Interestingly, Kelly has sent her application a few hours before the expiration of the deadline set by Kemp. Loeffler could become the second woman that Georgia, the state, is sending to the upper circles of America. Previously appointed woman, Rebecca Latimer Felton, was serving only one day.

It is known that Kemp wanted to avoid conflicts and invited Kelly to the White House beforehand. Still, the meeting went in a dramatic way of secrecy, just like in Hollywood movies, according to sources.

He himself won the elections in Georgia in 2018, with 50,000 voters. As for Kelly, she appeared in Atlanta in 2002. Loeffler went working to the Intercontinental Exchange, where her dearest one – Jeffrey Sprecher – was working at the time as CEO. In 2014, Loeffler wanted to try and win the local elections to become a Georgian senator, but she left that idea. Kelly is also the owner of the Atlanta Dream sports club.

Despite the Market Uncertainty

Bakkt is something that already influences our markets. It is a brilliant example of how a legal crypto exchange can work. We need to admit that, despite overall uncertainty, Bakkt has shown significant results and is considered one of the most important projects on the 2019 crypto stage.

In such conditions, we must theorize on what will happen after Loeffler leaves her position at the company. Whether the new leader sufficiently supply the team with resources and love that they need? Bakkt is a young company built on cryptocurrency sands. It must flow somewhere, and Loeffler was giving the correct direction.

What we can say for sure is that Kelly Loeffler will not be accusing digital assets of all the sins after she gains a senate seat. Instead, she can become the most active advocate of electronic peer to peer cash that is in use among millions worldwide. Let us stress that cryptocurrency users usually the smart ones, so she will have the opportunity to prove that math professionals can do politics.

Loeffler Could Join Thiel and Put a Corruptions Test on the Government

And in fact, math is politics, where the more significant number you have, the better. So, Loeffler will have a chance to look up all the shady operations made by government representatives. Including her brothers from the cryptocurrency world like Peter Thiel. Peter was named as the member of Trump’s transition team and he could have influenced the President in the same way as he did with Buterin.

The woman leading de facto cryptocurrency startup cannot be bad at money laundering. And the better you know the enemy, the faster you can invade, carrying the order into your neighborhood. Considering that white males have turned Senate wild, a woman like Kelly Loeffler, with perfect managing skills, is so needed in the establishment space to clean it out a bit before the cryptocurrencies are landing.

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