BANER Project Launches Business Social Network for the Digital Generation, Announces ICO Campaign

Place/Date: Moscow, Russia - August 22nd, 2017 at 10:24 am UTC · 5 min read
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The new-age trading and social media platform based out of Moscow, Russia, BANER.SU has announced the launch of its three-stage ICO campaign. The crowdsale of the platform offering services for private and legal companies across the globe will start on September 6, 2017. The final stage of the ICO will end on June 25, 2018.

The Baner Project combines the functions of a social network, professional community, trading platform and blockchain technology. The platform enables anyone to start their own business, sell goods and services or recruit employees without any investment. It neither depends on cash investment nor the location of the user. With the ICO, the project intends to attract the required investments to develop the platform and an entire ecosystem around it further.

Market expert and Project founder Dmitry Khodzhayan outlines how the platform can help business strategies and their advertising by stating,

“Small businesses are constantly required to post advertising and look for new employees. I personally spent a whole lot of money, time and effort when placing similar ads on different websites. Back then I thought about creating a convenient and free service where any person would be able to make a personal office in just 10-15 minutes to quickly manage his entire business information: to advertise goods and services, post summaries or vacancies and upload a portfolio of his work, keep a string of news, deals and achievements.”

Unlike other new ICO projects, Baner has the advantage of being established for some time now and can offer its users profit immediately. The platform’s native BNR tokens will replace a cash-based system and will be used for all the exchange products, services advertising, and other paid services.

The BNR tokens act as the medium of value transaction on platform. At the same time, the holders of BNR tokens stand to gain a considerable discount on the platform as it serves as a means of calculation between users of the network via secure channels, including remote transactions on BANER STREAM. All these will ensure a growth in demand for tokens on exchanges where they are listed, in turn exerting a positive influence on its price.

Dmitry went on to say,

“The other users would consider his page as a mini-site, where they can see all his ads, news feed, job opportunities, portfolio and the rest. All the registered users would be able to leave their comments and become subscribers. This service will be very effective in terms of attracting a large number of users as it is of interest to almost everyone. Any person wants to sell or buy something, provide or receive services, find a job or hire employees. A good conversion contributes to the growth of traffic, and this is a guarantee of the project success and an increase in the cost of tokens.”

Services has evolved in the last 12 months and currently offers the following services.

  • Buy or sell from anywhere in the world with internet connection.
  • Adaptive design and excellent interface.
  • The platform unites businessmen, their contractors, and customers on the basis of a social network, where one can talk about business; attract business partners; find buyers, customers, contractors, and suppliers; post a free job announcement; create an online community.
  • Very affordable and the most targeted advertising.
  • Analytics obtained from Big Data analysis of user data.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Data Mining.
  • Complete safety as the platform operates on the basis of the blockchain technology.


Baner’s innovative solution is easily accessible from desktop and mobiles devices to access the social network in which users can talk about their business; attract business partners; find buyers, customers, contractors, and suppliers; post a free job announcement, and create an online community.

Businesses can register themselves on the’s catalog and start posting advertisements. The platform offers the service free of charge while making it as convenient as possible. These advertisements cover goods, services, and offers. The ads posted will be made available to the potential customers within minutes.

The use of new-age technologies like blockchain technology, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and data mining capabilities makes Baner an attractive platform for businesses of all sizes. At the same time, it also increases the performance of the platform.

Data Mining

Data Mining allows for the using of artificial intelligence to collect generalized data about users while considering their preferences, desires, problems, behavioral factors and more. It also makes projections about the demand for goods and services of mass consumption. This data is then sold to large companies to identify trends, make sale forecasts and plan volume production for new products.

ICO Campaign

The BANER (BNR) token sale will run on the “BANER” private blockchain, grants the right to receive a share from the company’s profits. The platform distributes 20% of all the company’s profits proportionally among all the token holders.

The Baner platform has set the maximum cap for BNR at 20 million tokens. It intends to destroy all the unsold tokens following the completion of the token sale in order to ensure its value is conserved. During the ICO, investors can purchase BNR tokens at a unit price of $10 and sell them on the market once the crowdsale ends. By doing so, the participants in the ICO can make an instant profit from the growth of quotations. Otherwise, they can also choose to save tokens and receive a share in the company’s profits.

The Baner Pre-ICO will run from September 06 to September 30, on which 30% of all the available BNR tokens will be available for purchase at a very good discount in the early days.

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