Google Bard’s Crypto Prediction: Pomerdoge (POMD) to Reign Supreme in 2023, as Injective (INJ) and Neo (NEO) Falter

August 21st, 2023 at 10:14 am UTC · 4 min read

Google Bard’s Crypto Prediction: Pomerdoge (POMD) to Reign Supreme in 2023, as Injective (INJ) and Neo (NEO) Falter
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The latest prophecy from the tech giant’s AI, Google Bard, indicates that Pomerdoge (POMD) is set to rule the crypto market in 2023, even as Injective (INJ) and Neo (NEO) may fall behind. Intriguingly, Pomerdoge is currently in its presale phase, offering early investors a chance to maximize their ROI in the coming months. Let’s take a closer look.

Pomerdoge (POMD): The Appeal of the Presale Phase and Price

Pomerdoge stands out from the typical memecoin pack by building a holistic ecosystem that includes the following elements:

  • Pomerdoge’s P2E Game: Dive into Pomerdoge’s P2E game, where players can immerse themselves in a decentralized gaming experience filled with competition, fun, and potential earnings.

  • Pomerplace – The Hub of Interaction: Pomerplace is the pulse of the Pomerdoge world. It’s the hotspot where gamers can transact, purchase, sell, and trade their in-game assets. It’s more than just a marketplace; it’s a space that makes gameplay not just fun but also profitable.
  • POMD Token – The Engine Driving Pomerdoge: The POMD token is the key to unlocking special features, gaining rewards, and actively engaging on the platform. This token is set to catalyze the entire platform’s growth journey.

Raising eyebrows lately is Google Bard’s bold prediction about Pomerdoge’s potential dominance in the memecoin arena, suggesting it might surpass even Pepe as this year’s leading memecoin.

It’s a speculative world, and whether Bards’s vision becomes a reality is still on the cards. Yet, with the presale price of Pomerdoge pegged at an enticing $0.008 in its first phase, it might just be the golden ticket for many.

Injective (INJ): A Possible Move to $10 But Overshadowed by Pomerdoge (POMD) Presale

Injective’s journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. In a whirlwind 2021, Injective’s value surged from just $0.76 to an impressive $24.00 within several exhilarating months.

But 2022 wasn’t as kind. The bearish sentiments dominating the crypto market dragged Injective’s value down to a sobering $1.20. Not to be deterred, Injective rallied in early 2023 to $10.00, with 50% of the pumping happening in just two weeks due to increased Injective interest in Asia.

The current Injective’s price of $7.37 shows a weekly decline of 9% and is yet another challenging month for Injective. This up-and-down ride in the market is making it tough for Injective’s investors to pick a side, as the ever-changing sentiments continue to challenge even the most experienced traders.

Pomerdoge’s price is in contrast to Injective’s see-sawing drama. With a steady climb in momentum since the presale launch, Pomerdoge is expected to grow consistently with each passing presale phase.

Google Bard's Crypto Prediction: Pomerdoge (POMD) to Reign Supreme in 2023, as Injective (INJ) and Neo (NEO) Falter

Neo (NEO)’s Struggles in Securing Widespread Adoption

Neo, once dubbed China’s Ethereum – but not for the last five years – has faded with each passing season. During its heyday in 2017/18, Neo, embarked on a remarkable bull run, catapulting its market cap to an astounding $9 billion. Yet, the subsequent bear markets ruthlessly shaved off over 95% of its value.

Sitting at a current price of $8.92, Neo is a shadow of its former self, having once touched the pinnacle of $195. The primary culprit behind its fall from grace has been its inability to secure widespread adoption that matches its once towering market cap.

Much of Neo’s meteoric rise was fueled by speculations that it would emerge as the predominant blockchain in China. But with the absence of significant partnerships or tangible adoption, the Neo quickly lost its speculative sheen.

While some market pundits believe that Neo might rise from $8.40 to reclaim the $30 area during a market-wide bullish frenzy, such prospects pale when juxtaposed against the potential growth trajectories of Pomerdoge and other emerging DeFi tokens in the near future.

Learn about Pomerdoge (POMD) presale today: WebsiteTelegram communityTwitter.

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