Battle of Guardians: The First Real-Time Play-to-Earn NFT Fighting Game

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Battle of Guardians: The First Real-Time Play-to-Earn NFT Fighting Game
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Leveraging this P2E revolution, Battle of Guardians introduces the first-ever real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game.

Earning an income while playing games seemed far-fetched not that long ago. Now, the emergence of blockchain-based gaming, alongside hype around the metaverse, has led to a breakout year for the play-to-earn (P2E) movement, with accounts up over 500% year-on-year as the global NFT gaming market has boomed to a $20 billion valuation.

Some of the highest growth has been witnessed in Southeast Asia, with the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore currently increasing at least 33% month-on-month, in a region where it’s now possible to earn the projected GDP per capita simply by playing such games.

Bringing the Fight Into the Metaverse

Leveraging this P2E revolution, Battle of Guardians introduces the first-ever real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game. Developed in Unreal Engine and built on the Solana blockchain, players from all over the world can ​​battle in PvE and PvP using their collection of NFT fighters across multiple realms to earn gameplay rewards.

Incubated by the Good Games Guild DAO, Battle of Guardians is also supported by an in-house game studio, Miracle Gates Entertainment, led by its co-founder Orlando N. Nehemia

In-Game Currencies

Powering the NFT game, Battle of Guardians utilizes a dual in-game official currency model: Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP).

Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS)

$BGS is the primary currency in Battle of Guardians for purchasing NFT characters and other in-game items. It is also the staking and governance token for the ecosystem, enabling holders to earn staking rewards and contribute to the development of the game franchise.

Fighting Points ($FP)

$FP acts as a secondary currency for Battle of Guardians and the main reward in its play-to-earn model. It can also pay for in-game items, NFT Synthesis, and entrance fees for game modes.


With a tiered system, three game modes, and a broad range of playable characters, Battle of Guardians attempts to balance the play and earn aspects of the game. The aim is to ensure no user has an unfair advantage over another, allowing players to test their skills and agility to earn commensurate rewards.

Game Modes

There are three game modes within Battle of Guardians: Story mode, Arena mode, and Tournament mode.

Story mode (PvE) allows players to fight against computers over a series of 25 stages to earn varying $FP rewards. In Arena mode (PvP), players battle each other 1v1 via random matchmaking, based on their rating, earning more $FP and higher ratings if victorious.  Alternatively, Tournament mode (PvP) places up to 32 players in a 1v1 knockout event, with the winner taking all $FP entrance fee rewards and some additional $BGS.


Game characters consist of three races: Guardians, Humans, and Demons, differentiated by further three attributes: Health Points, Damage, and Intelligence.

Guardians benefit from more damage points they can inflict on an opponent, Humans have more intelligence points, and Demons gain from more Health Points.


Characters operate within three different tiers in the game. From Elite Fighter to Legendary Warrior and God of War, each level increases the character’s skill sets and rewards for battle victories. Players in one tier can only play against players in the same tier to provide balanced yet competitive gameplay.

Ecosystem Features

Players can initially purchase their own NFT character via the Battle of Guardians NFT drop. Characters are sold in packs of three, divided into Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare packs.

NFT Marketplace

The initial drop will take place on the NFT Marketplace, which will then become the hub for players to exchange characters and other in-game items, as well as for NFT Renting.

NFT Renting

Using the NFT Renting Program, users can rent assets to players rather than selling, splitting earnings with a win-win solution.

NFT Synthesis

NFT Synthesis allows players to level up, combining NFT characters of the same kind and tier to generate that character of one tier higher, paid for using both $BGS and $FP.


Battle of Guardians also provides a scholarship program built inside its smart contract. Guilds and scholars can determine a share agreement to lease NFT characters with earnings split automatically.


Users staking $BGS can earn a competitive yield and have the chance to participate in Battle of Guardian’s NFT drops.

Phased Roadmap

Battle of Guardians is currently at Phase 1 in its development, raising funds for its token sale and listings. The game will then develop over a four-phase roadmap from the initial NFT sale, NFT marketplace, and $FP rewards to NFT Renting, NFT Synthesis, and $BGS Staking in the run-up to the full game release.

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