BEFE Coin’s Meteoric Rise: What’s behind Today’s Trending Sensation?

March 14th, 2024 at 2:46 pm UTC · 3 min read

BEFE Coin’s Meteoric Rise: What’s behind Today’s Trending Sensation?
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/BEFE/ – Cryptocurrencies have risen in popularity following Bitcoin reaching its new all-time high. Investors are keen on looking for new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

What Sparked the Surge in Bitcoin?

The surge in Bitcoin was due to various reasons including the ETF approval, Countries making the coin a legal tender, and growing opportunities. The ETF approval itself generated an inflow of a staggering $500M.

What Are the Trending Sensations Right Now?

Another coin called the BEFE coin is the talk of the town. This meme coin is based on the BEFE meme that aims to return the glory of OG meme coins. The coin was launched in November 2023 when the meme coin market seemed to be saturating. Following the success of other meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, BEFE takes it up a step with its utility.

How Is BEFE Different?

The coin was launched with no pre-sale and tax, indicating that the team behind this coin is dedicated to the project. Unlike other meme coins that are fully dependent on the hype for their price, BEFE has its utility along with another coin called Bitgert. Bitgert coin holders can stake their coins and earn BEFE. The coin is available on the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum via PanCakeSwap and Uniswap respectively.

What’s It Worth?

The BEFE coin has surged at a steady 15% in the last month to $0.0004673 and also hit a high of $0.0006563 last week. The coin seems to be a great choice with experts predicting it to explode soon.  According to CoinMarketCap BEFE might reach the $0.09 mark. That’s a staggering 169.45% surge.

BEFE Coin’s Meteoric Rise: What’s behind Today’s Trending Sensation?

Photo: CoinMarketCap

Is This Safe?

Cryptocurrency investments come with their risks It is thus important to understand your risk appetite. While most meme coins are simply driven by hype, The BEFE coin seems to have its price backed by its glory and utility. The staking utility of BEFE is something that separates the coin from the rest and is thus considered to be a safer bet than most other meme coins. But remember to do DYOR.


Meme coins are an interesting market and some meme coins seem to have lost their glory. The BEFE coin is a very plausible attempt to bring back the glory of meme coins with the most recognizable meme. With no pre-sale and tax and staking utility rewards, the BEFE coin seems to be great and is said to be the reason behind the current market sensation.

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