Goodbye PEPE, Goodbye Bonk: BEFE Coin Takes Center Stage in the Crypto World

March 24th, 2024 at 7:53 pm UTC · 3 min read

Goodbye PEPE, Goodbye Bonk: BEFE Coin Takes Center Stage in the Crypto World

/BEFE/ – A change in power is taking place in the meme coin market – once a hub of roller coaster rides and epic crashes. In just one month, BEFE coin, a newcomer with the fancy name ‘Before Everyone Else’, has gained over 1400% while leaving PEPE coin and Bonk behind. This paper looks at how BEFE rose and its predecessors’ struggle.


BEFE has an enthusiastic community as its telegram group grew to over 250K members! It is this committed following together with viral social media campaigns that drove up the price for BEFE. However, BEFE’s objective does not end with being just another meme. For instance, their roadmap contains ambitious plans for an NFT marketplace as well as a decentralized exchange (DEX), among other charitable projects. Whether these claims will come to fruition or not still remains unknown but it is refreshing to see a meme coin focused on utility.


Initially, Bonk was capitalizing on the hype surrounding Solana and general popularization of meme coins when Bonk was trendy as Solana powered doggo darling. There was no doubt about Bonk since Bonk made quite sensational comments and daily mentions had reached staggering numbers at Bonk’s peak level on social media. Nevertheless, recently Bonk’s price cost started to drop significantly. With investor confidence shaking in Bonk it be interesting for the Bonk holders to witness what will happen next to Bonk.


Meme reign of PEPE coin has seen a decline from the all-pervading green frog that has dominated Internet culture for many years. Although PEPE coin had a good initial run, over the past few weeks, PEPE coin has leveled off at a losing trajectory. PEPE coin is no longer worth as much as it was since daily social media mentions have decreased by over 70% from PEPE coin’s all time high point. PEPE coin has no real use cases besides being another meme in this project which also lacks a clear roadmap. Therefore, despite the bull market PEPE coin lacks the growth and rise in prices for PEPE coin. This funny meme does not satisfy investors any longer; they want something deeper – practical applications and a future vision that is well known to them. Additionally, PEPE coin must reinvent itself beyond being just another meme if it wants to recapture its old glory.

This detailed narrative provides a comprehensive look at the current state of BEFE, PEPE coin, and Bonk Coins, blending technical insights with market trends to offer a full picture of these meme coins’ standings.

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