Beldex Introduces The First Ever Private Eco-System

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Beldex Introduces The First Ever Private Eco-System
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Beldex represents its “privacy enabled” coin and aims to disrupt such major industries as transport and delivery with blockchain technology.

Without any doubts, blockchain technology has influenced the modern world greately during the recent years. The idea of decentralization and exclusion of intermediaries, previously playing the role of a third party, from all data-exchange processes attracts more and more industries.

More and more companies, from large corporations to smaller businesses, are beginning to adopt blockchain technology seeing it as a solution to the existing issues, as well as an easy way to save time and money.

Beldex is an upcoming figure in the blockchain revolution. The project represents itself a multi-purpose ecosystem offering its users a secured coin, Hybrid DEX and crypto debit cards . Beldex has revealed a dynamic range of services based around a privacy-enabled cryptocurrency.

The Beldex team sees its core priority in privacy, and has developed a “privacy enabled” coin for its network. Beldex coin can be used for both traceable and untraceable transactions and has a wide range of uses within the Beldex private ecosystem.

Beldex Coin has been created with an emphasis on privacy, which can be achieved by using Hexagonal Ring Xtensive Transactional Signatures. The senders’ public keys forming the ring are mixed together, obfuscating the original sender. The transaction amounts are also protected by ring confidential transactions, which morph the figures by multiplying them with a random number generator function.

Transport has always been and continues to be one the biggest industries, which still leaves a lot of space for further improvements. This is where blockchain technology enters the game. The cab industry worldwide is estimated at around $44 billion USD.

Beldex is also looking to disrupt the global transport sector for the better by offering a decentralized taxi booking service with efficiency at its core, called Bel Trips. The idea of Beldex has the potential to let both people and drivers set and approve price rates, which are automatically aggregated by a decentralized platform that ensures maximum efficiency.

Such innovation serves as an example of how blockchain technology is reshaping the modern landscape. However, Beldex’s vision spans beyond transport, as they aim to establish a wider range of use cases for cryptocurrency worldwide. For instance, apart from Bel Trips, Beldex’s ecosystem also offers a delivery service named Bel Needs, which makes deliveries a more profitable and efficient industry due to a decentralized platform.

Envisioning a better future, the company offers a specially designed crypto debit card that can be used to make payments online or offline across the world. Keeping in mind that virtual currencies have lower conversion rates and are easy to carry around, these utility debit cards allow individuals to walk into any store to purchase goods and services for their daily needs.

Beldex is on a mission to continue in the cryptocurrency sector’s further development. The company aims to ensure that the coin remains liquid and coin holders are rewarded in the Beldex user base. The company’s pre-token sale was officially launched on May 10th, 2018.

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