Ensures True Anonymity with the Launch of Its Multi-Currency Crypto Mixing Service

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read Ensures True Anonymity with the Launch of Its Multi-Currency Crypto Mixing Service
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The Bitcoin mixer BESTMIXER.IO will teach you to mix cryptocurrency correctly and with the maximum anonymity in order to maintain your own data security on the web.

The paradox of cryptocurrency hides in both transparency and anonymity, which it sustains. All transactions in the network are recorded to a digital ledger, thus become easily traceable, but in the meanwhile public keys remain high levels of cryptographic qualities and they are not linked to their owners’ data. The point at which cryptocurrency might switch from privacy to identification is when a user cashes out, using a wallet or an exchange.

Individuals and organizations familiar with the world of cryptocurrency are afraid that eventually their transactions will be traced back to them by hackers, or by well-funded companies who are looking for key financial information. So, many of them turn to coin mixers in the search for the feasible way to achieve the advanced layer of data security.

However, the comparative analysis of most mixers available in the market showed that all of them, except for a few, fail to give a full extent of anonymity to the cryptocurrency as they have promised. Being backed by ambitious team of developers, aims to bring true anonymity to the surface of cryptocurrency network. is a tool for improving the anonymity of cryptocurrencies by breaking the connection between an address sending coins and the address receiving them. The utilized algorithm is rather simple, since all the cryptocurrency transactions are being recorded by blockchain registry, mixing allows individuals to keep in secret the information about where they store and send their coins as well as from whom they receive them.

First users need to send their cryptocurrency to, and then the mixer will shuffle the coins with transactions of other people or distribute them among hundreds of thousands of wallets that belong to Once the process is completed, “clean” bitcoins are transferred to back to the sender or the new owner. The speed of this exchange depends directly on the blockchain system’s operational speed and your delivery time settings.

Besides true anonymity the project carries a lot of lucrative advantages that successfully wrought attention of crypto community; the lowest service fee and API for developers are listed among them. By now provides a special discount available for project’s members. This discount is automatically calculated depending on the volume of user’s operations. After each subsequent mixing operation, the discount will increase proportionally and automatically according to the amount and the type of chosen cryptocurrency.

Moreover, has a user-friendly website that is adapted to a wide range of universal devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer and cell phone, therefore enabling easy access to cryptocurrency mixing. The project constantly continues to develop and update their products and reportedly the team will launch the referral program in the near future.

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