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Bettium Going Live on BTCEXA Exchange

December 5th, 2018 at 8:42 pm UTC · 2 min read

The Bettium big data / sports betting blockchain platform is pleased to announce the initial listing of its utility token (BETT) on the BTCEXA exchange in pair with ETH, opening at the ETH equivalent of USD 0.05.  The team confirms that trading will commence at 10:00 UTC on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

Bettium CEO Nathan Hunt commented

“It has been a tough year for crypto, but we are thrilled to have reached this critical juncture.  Bettium will be the world’s premier online betting platform and this listing is a crucial first step.  Our thanks to partner Blockchain Global Ltd. for assistance in raising capital and relationship-building in Asia.  With Bettium the future is bright, the future is smart!”

Bettium is a global decentralized platform enabling users to bet on sporting events against each other, using Big Data and established experts to improve forecasts and strategy.  Traditional sites pit bettors against a classical bookmaker, an entity disinterested in the player’s success.  Bettium provides direct access to AI, Big Data and powerful analytical tools to help the bettor make smart conclusions and smart bets against peers.

The online betting market has doubled over the last decade, reaching $52 billion in 2018.  Growth is expected to increase further, according to industry experts, as US states begin to regulate sports betting after this year’s landmark US Supreme Court decision.  Says Hunt,

“The popularity of sports betting is exploding, with new markets coming online in North America, Asia, Africa, and other locations.  Bettium is ideally placed to capitalize on this demand, providing new market participants with a safe and practical way to enjoy betting, backed by the security and functionality of the blockchain.”

Hunt pointed out that the market is controlled today by unregulated bookmakers with opaque pricing mechanisms and no guarantees for participants.  Utilizing their services involves high commissions, excessive deposit requirements and real capital risk due to the technical vulnerabilities of online systems.

Bettium will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to carry out deposits, payments, transactions and cover risks, eliminating the drawbacks associated with traditional systems.

Intelligent platform algorithms will align the capabilities of professionals and amateurs, providing the latter with expert advice, bespoke analytical services, and access to Big Data. The system even includes a personalized AI-assistant nicknamed “Merlin” that will learn and guide the user based on prior bets and experience, ensuring that success will increase over time.



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