Bettium Partners with Polish e-Sports Foundation to Expand Presence in Central and Eastern Europe

May 28th, 2018 at 11:22 pm UTC · 3 min read

Bettium, the peer-to-peer blockchain-based betting firm, today announced a partnership with the Polish e-Sports Foundation, representing one of the fastest-growing e-sports hubs in the world — which provides organizational support, education, and advice to professional e-sports teams and players.

With the aim of disrupting the $3 trillion worldwide sports betting market, Bettium will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the foundation to expand its global reach and gain a larger footprint in the European e-sports market.

CEO of Bettium, Nathan Hunt, said,

“Professional community management is at the center of innovation in the space and has remained a key focus throughout the development of Bettium. We are delighted to welcome Mr. Chojecki to our Advisory Board and partner with the e-Sports Foundation to further Bettium’s growth potential in the EU’s vibrant gaming sector and directly connect with the local community — which is stronger in Europe than anywhere else. The foundation’s team — which includes e-sports enthusiasts, IT experts, and seasoned tech entrepreneurs — has an impressive reputation within the market, and we are unquestionably strengthened by the addition of their management, community, and organizational expertise. In particular, Mr. Chojecki brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge as a proven manager, e-sports community leader, and an ex-professional player.”

Since the very inception of the platform, Bettium has evolved from an entrepreneurial startup to a professionally managed firm. Led by Mr. Hunt, the renowned innovator and entrepreneur, and a team with more than 100 years of combined experience in business, management, finance, blockchain, and IT, Bettium aims to become the next-generation sports betting firm with the aim of transforming the $3 trillion global sports betting market.

According to its founders, the firm will introduce a blockchain-based suite of AI services and big-data-enabled tools that will level the playing field between professional and recreational, amateur bettors.

The partnership with the Polish e-Sports Foundation will allow Bettium to expand its presence in the European e-sports and gaming market ahead of the upcoming public crowdsale. Currently, the company is conducting a private fundraiser that will close on June 30, 2018.

About Bettium

Bettium is a peer-to-peer, blockchain-based betting platform providing a next-generation P2P betting infrastructure for all types of bettors. The firm is managed by highly experienced, dedicated professionals who have dedicated their careers to developing and sustaining successful businesses on a global scale.

The Bettium Advisory Board includes Peiwei Ni (Chairman and CEO of Super Block), Alexandru Radulescu (Crypto Market Advisor), Gary Fowler (Co-Founder and CEO of Findo), Maury G (APAC consultant), Kirsten Roy-Reid (Next Level Consulting Partner, Compliance Executive Director), Ken Cheung (Vice President at Asia-Pacific E-Sports Association & Lollab Ltd), Gi Nam Lee (Legal Advisor, Korea e-Sports Association).

About e-Sports Foundation

Established by Tomasz Chojecki in 2015, the e-Sports Foundation operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad. The foundation’s goal is to promote e-sports through creating conditions for professional education and development in the field, supporting local e-sports players, teams, and initiatives, such as boot camps, tournaments, and e-sports events.



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