BIB Meta Starts Amors Labs Smart Contract Audit Technology to Ensure User Safety

Place/Date: - October 13th, 2022 at 1:33 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: BIB Meta

BIB Meta Starts Amors Labs Smart Contract Audit Technology to Ensure User Safety
Photo: BIB Meta

Recently, BIB Meta team have hired one of the leading auditing firms, Amors Labs to ensure that the NFT codes are safe for users. The auditing company has certified that the codes are safe for users. The implication of this new development means that BIB Meta users can participate in the purchase of BIB NFT and enjoy benefits such as purchasing sport cards and joining the immersive metaverse experience safely.

Amors Labs focuses on the details when conducting auditing for NFT codes. The company tested for vulnerabilities in BIB token contracts, such as Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Block Timestamp Manipulation, and Short Address attacks. The Amors Labs team produced a report on purchasing and participating in the BIB Meta NFT project.

Apart from hiring a reputable company to ensure that the codes are safe for users, the company has also hired the best security team to monitor the network for malicious activities and give security reports within a small-time frame. The BIB team also knows that hackers may want to target users through social engineering attempts such as phishing.

The BIB Meta team is moving against such moves by educating users on the best practices to keep their NFTs safe; they also provide educational tools for users to guard against hackers. Telegram support is always available to users who want to report issues or someone attempting to steal from other users.

BIB Meta users who purchase the BIB tokens can mint NFT for entertainment and can also own Superstar NFTs. $BIB holders can also mint tokens through delegation and participate in GameFi in the BIB Meta ecosystem.

NFT enthusiasts can participate in the BIB Meta ecosystem by joining the NFT whitelist. There are limited whitelist spots for these Superstar NFTs, as BIB Meta has provided only 3,000 NFT whitelist spots for the actions on a first come first serve basis. The fastest to complete the tasks will get the spot if the user has not reached the limit to win the areas.

Users can also participate in the BIB Meta ecosystem by purchasing world cup NFT cards. BIB Meta have created a collection of 160 cards consisting of stars who are picked from the 32 teams participating in the world cup. BIB Meta will grade the cards based on the players ratings accumulated during the tournament.

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