Big Eyes Coin and Monkeyballs – NFT Projects with Features That Will Produce Crypto Millionaires Next to Filecoin

October 11th, 2022 at 1:59 pm UTC · 4 min read

The opportunities now available to users within the crypto space are endless. These endless opportunities keep on getting wider with each passing day. An innovation that has made a significant impact within the crypto space is non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are a kind of digital assets that leverage blockchain technology to exist as unique, immutable tokens. Our article will focus on crypto projects that fully embrace NFTs, allowing users to create, buy and sell these digital assets.

Additionally, It will compare the NFT features of Big Eyes Coin and Monkeyballs with Filecoin’s features. First, let’s review Big Eyes’ origin and NFT features.

Big Eyes Coin and Monkeyballs – NFT Projects with Features That Will Produce Crypto Millionaires Next to Filecoin

Big Eyes’ Origin

Big Eyes is still new to the crypto space. Its token presale began in Q3 of 2022. Its young nature makes it relatively easy to become a member of the Big Eyes ecosystem.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an Ethereum-based meme project. Its design leverages a new animal to promote its goals and features. This new introduction makes it unique among other meme crypto projects.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) announces an end to the doge reign by leveraging a cat as its base meme animal. It has packed its project with mouth-watering offers to help it become the largest meme coin project.

Big Eyes will achieve this goal by building the most significant crypto community and offering them a conducive, rewarding and eco-friendly environment. A protocol that rewards all holders of its native token with more tokens is embedded into its operations.

This protocol encourages members of its crypto community to buy and hold BIG tokens for an extended period. Another feature of Big Eyes that makes it attractive is its NFT integration.

Big Eyes’ NFT Marketplace

The Big Eyes NFT marketplace is on its way to becoming the most utilized NFT trading platform. Its detailed whitepaper indicated its goal to be among the top 10 NFT platforms ever created. It has put several protocols in place to help it achieve its goal.

One of the several unique features offered within the Big Eyes NFT marketplace is NFT royalties. This feature involves rewarding the original creator of an NFT every time someone sells the NFT. Thus, these NFT artists will create a lifetime reward channel if they utilize its platform to trade their NFTs.

Additional rewards offered within the Big Eyes NFT marketplace are its reflective reward protocol. Here, all BIG token holders are rewarded with a part of the NFT trading fees charged on the platform.

This reward is distributed based on the number of tokens the user holds. It thus encourages users to buy and hold more BIG tokens.

Big Eyes versus Monkeyball and Filecoin

The Monkeyball project is a Solana-based play-to-earn platform. Like Big Eyes, its users can leverage the power of NFTs to enrich themselves. Monkeyballs has tokenized its monkey-like game avatars, allowing them to possess unique immutable characteristics.

The Monkeyball NFTs allow holders to interact with the play-to-earn platform and earn rewards. You can also sell it for MBS, the native cryptocurrency for the Monkeyball platform.

Another feature possessed by the Monkeyball NFTs is breeding. With this feature, its users can create new NFTs from preexisting ones. These newly created NFTs will have the characteristics of their parents based on their dominant and recessive traits.

Filecoin does not offer NFT functionality. On the contrary, it introduces a system where crypto users can enjoy rewards for storing files. With Filecoin, users can use unused storage space and be rewarded.

Powered by blockchain technology, Filecoin allows its users to store and retrieve information. It offers a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates data encryption, ensuring privacy with stored files.

Like Filecoin, Big Eyes will leverage its features to solve real problems. It will have a significant impact on the lives of its users.

Big Eyes Coin and Monkeyballs – NFT Projects with Features That Will Produce Crypto Millionaires Next to Filecoin

Buy the Big Eyes Presale

Participating in the Big Eyes token presale grants early access to its ecosystem and rewards opportunities. A funded Trustwallet or Metamask wallet is required to buy the presale. The presale portal allows users to pay with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens.

Visit the Big Eyes Token Website on the wallet browser and connect your wallet. Select your method of payment and the number of BIG tokens you will purchase. Verify the purchase to seal your token purchase.

The preexisting limit of meme coins will not tether Big Eyes. It will transcend the meme coin verse into the metaverse. Big Eyes will allow its members to leverage its NFTs to better their lives. Be a part of this presale before the token launches.

Use code BIGOCT22 for a 5% bonus when buying coins.

More information on Big Eyes Coin: Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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