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The Big Eyes (BIG) Meme Coin Is Relevant to BNB Chain

September 26th, 2022 at 1:22 pm UTC · 4 min read

Some time ago, a cute cat called Big Eyes (BIG) found himself alone again. This time, he was alone in deep waters waiting to be rescued. Thankfully, he made it back on land. After this ordeal, Big Eyes decided to create a meme coin ecosystem where like minds would work to shift wealth into the DeFi ecosystem.

The Big Eyes (BIG) project will deliver the following:

  • A meme coin that will be 90% available to the community at launch
  • Tax-free shopping: zero tax or fees on trades
  • Charity Donations: 5% of the BIG token supply will be dedicated to charity donations
  • Robust marketing efforts
  • An NFT collection that will make it to the top-ten list.

The Big Eyes (BIG) Meme Coin Is Relevant to BNB Chain

Big Eyes Token

BIG is a meme coin created by Big Eyes developers. It has a total supply of 200 billion tokens which be fully available for community members to buy. Big Eyes (BIG) will not tax those who buy or sell $BIG.

The allocation plan for $BIG is as follows:

  • 70% for the public sale
  • 20% will be available on exchanges
  • 5% for Big Eyes marketing
  • 5% held in a visible wallet for charity donations.

The Big Eyes (BIG) Meme Coin Is Relevant to BNB Chain

Big Eyes NFTs

Big Eyes will also feature an NFT collection. Although the team did not mention the name of its upcoming NFTs, it stated that the team would work on bringing its collection to the top-ten NFTs.

When you buy one of these non-fungible tokens, a 10% tax will apply to the price. Out of the 10% tax:

  • The original seller will receive a 4% royalty
  • All holders will earn 5%
  • 1% of the tax goes to charity

The Big Eyes (BIG) Meme Coin Is Relevant to BNB Chain

Big Eyes vs BNB Chain

BNB Chain combines two blockchains – Beacon Chain and Binance Smart Chain. On June 2, 2022, Binance converged these two networks and announced plans for developing the BNB Chain.

BNB, which means Build and Build, describes this blockchain as an ever-growing ecosystem. The following are what users can expect on BNB Chain:

  • An open network
  • Multi-Chain
  • Supports developers and content creators
  • Permissionless and decentralised
  • Bigger than the Binance Exchange

Beacon Chain and Smart Chain have different purposes in the BNB Chain. BNB coin holders can make their voice heard by staking and voting on important decisions Beacon Chain.

Meanwhile, Smart Chain supports smart contracts, EVM, and consensus layers. Therefore, developers can create blockchain projects on Smart Chain.

BNB Chain is a suitable blockchain that can support a meme coin like Big Eyes. Likewise, Big Eyes can integrate its meme coin, NFTs, and decentralised swap with BNB Chain.

The Big Eyes (BIG) Meme Coin Is Relevant to BNB Chain

Big Eyes (BIG) vs Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Pancakeswap is a decentralised token exchange (DEX) running on BNB Chain. It is the most popular DEX on the network and hosts thousands of crypto tokens and various liquidity pools.

Pancakeswap has a utility token known as CAKE. This token serves a crucial function in Pancakeswap’s liquidity pool. Users who stake coins on this DEX earn CAKE tokens as a reward.

Pancakeswap allows traders to buy and sell meme coins like Big Eyes. Also, Pancakeswap allows developers to add liquidity that will support the meme coins on its DEX.

How to Buy $BIG

The first stage of the Big Eyes presale has officially ended, and the project raised $3.2 million. Presale stage two is now ongoing. You can easily buy Big Eyes in this round via your crypto wallet.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Big Eyes website from the browser of your wallet (preferably Metamask or Trust Wallet).
  2. Click “Buy Now.”
  3. Connect your wallet.
  4. Enter the number of BIG tokens you want or the equivalent value in dollars.
  5. Select one of the available cryptocurrencies (ETH, BNB, USDT) you can use to purchase BIG tokens
  6. You can buy those coins with a debit card if you don’t own them
  7. Finalise your purchase by confirming the transaction in your wallet.


The plans of the Big Eyes team to create a robust ecosystem around its meme coin, $BIG, is well underway. As development unfolds, Big Eyes will continue to explore new use cases of his cuteness.

More information on Big Eyes Coin: Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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