A Big Thank You From Andrea Iervolino (TaTaTu)

June 13th, 2018 at 8:27 pm UTC · 3 min read

A few days ago we introduced the idea of a universal token for the entertainment industry. We remained true to our word by announcing partnerships that link the real world with the crypto world, that showed commitment to great quality productions and anticipate a real roadmap of platform development and acquisition of content.

This idea has been validated during the launch of the Alpha version of our app reserved to 500 alpha testers. We reached that number in few seconds as well as over 200,000 subscribers to our waiting list in little over two hours.

My first big THANK YOU goes to our supporters, our fans and our communities who never stop supporting us.

I strongly believe the industry needs a new business model: a three-way approach  that includes the user, the platform and the content creator – all operating on the same level. This will be fuelled by high quality advertising.

The model includes , rather than excludes, all the stakeholders. It’s a fair and transparent business model for all.

TaTaTu is the right product and blockchain is the right technology.

Entering a multi-billion market, acquiring and producing content, growing the user base and developing a top quality product is no easy task.

Today we are extremely proud and honoured to announce that our token has been sold out with the sole support of our partners.

We will reveal more details in the upcoming weeks so please bear with us for further announcements.

To them goes my second big THANK YOU, for believing in us, for believing that a different online entertainment industry really is possible.

Our partners are right behind TaTaTu – it is amazing to have such overwhelming enthusiasm.

We have come do the decision that running a public sale in the current regulatory environment would have exposed the project to too many risks, both for us and for everyone buying our token.

Therefore, we will not be making the token available on general sale. We know that many will be disappointed, but we feel this is the right approach.

Our vision is for the TTU Token to become the single cryptocurrency for the media entertainment industry. There will be no shortage of opportunities to take part of this vision and for you to become a TTU token holder.

This, we believe, is the best use we could possibly make of our token and also the best way to include our supporters in our mission.

We won’t be asking for financial support where none is needed. TaTaTu is about giving and rewarding rather than taking.

My third big THANK YOU goes to my incredible team. We’ve been through the good and the bad but we all stick together as a family.

It has been an incredible journey and the learning curve has been steep.

We’ve been on the road for months, meeting partners from all over the world and from many industries working tirelessly often during nights and weekends.

TaTaTu is the product of many brilliant minds brought together by the dream to create a new cryptocurrency for the masses, to democratize the online media industry and to create a fair and transparent system.

This is our vision and this is how it will remain.

Thank you,

Andrea Iervolino



[email protected]