BigBitcoin Announces Big Exchanges, Bitcoin Fork and More

April 5th, 2018 at 8:03 pm UTC · 4 min read

In modern world, the status of global economy based on Asia, while in the blockchain area, the largest mining industry chain is in China. The volume of digital assets of the three countries (China, Japan and South Korea) occupies more than half of digital assets in the world.

In this case, BBC first launched on the six international digital asset trading platforms, giving priority to the layout of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian economies, which is closely related to the reason mentioned above.

It is undeniable that the dividend of the rapid development of Chinese economy is firstly shared by the surrounding Asian countries, which benefit from the geography factor.

The development of the economy means the increase of leisure funds in the hands of people and the increase of their desire for investment. The prospect of block chain’s development and the investment value of the digital assets drive this region to be the focus.

BBC came into being from BTC and took the lead in this trend. The most concentrated volume of business in Asia and North America laid the foundation for subsequent global circulation and decentralization operation. BBC dares to have such ambition is because of its own strength.

After the Bitcoin Fork

BigBitcoin has completed the Bitcoin fork on 13th February, with the block size of 16M and the block time of 2.5 minutes. It completed the docking of Bitpie and Bitgo wallets, and cooperated with several media and projects to successfully finish the first round of publicity and hold the candy activity.

According to the analysis of BBC bifurcation block data, there are 60% of BTC users receiving BBC, while there are more than 10 million BTC users around the world. BBC has acquired a large number of users from the BTC community by means of a bifurcated distribution.

In addition, cooperation between BBC foundation and teams such as ETChain community, Bitpie community, Cloud chain community, Italy and other European and American teams are expected to add 1 million cash users to BBC community in March. In order to support the follow-up development and the maintenance of related community, BBC management big bitcoin foundation has invested mining machines to start mining.

BBC from mining will be used to encourage the community, to support new excellent project on the main network, and to help the publicity of outstanding project by project candies.

The block size of BBC16M is 16 times more than that of BTC 1M, and the block time (2.5 minutes) is 4 times more than that of BTC (10 minutes). At the same time, BBC also supports segregated witness, lightning network and graphene technology. For mass transactions and high concurrency, it can provide reliable and effective technical support for speed and data throughput capability.

In addition, the BBC team also pioneered the chain matrix model. When dealing with high concurrent transactions, the BBC main chain will automatically create chain matrixes that are local parallel chains, and each of them inherits the characteristics of the BBC main chain.

The local parallel chain can even reach the confirmation speed of millisecond, which improves the performance of the BBC main chain at multiples. Therefore the payment speed can reach the level in Taobao Double eleven, which is a unique precedent in other BTC bifurcations.

Upgrades All Round

There are two adjustments in the mining model: one is to adjust the difficulty of the proof of workload (PoW), which can enable the miners to transfer freely from the traditional BTC to the BBC; the other is to add Equihash algorithm on the basis of the sha256 algorithm so as to disperse the mining patterns by the use of GPU. These two methods can not only improve the efficiency of BBC mining, but also ensure the fairness.


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