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The Biggest Crypto Party Honey.Party Took Place in Puerto Rico

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 2 min read

Honey Party, a crypto party held in Puerto Rico on March 15, turned out to be the greatest crypto event to take place on the Carribean island.

A majority of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and startups continue to evenly spread around the world, working hard round the clock, as crypto trading world is a kind of ecosystem where money really never sleeps and is traded 24/7.

But, just like other professions, sometimes they also like to take time off and enjoy. While cryptocurrencies have inspired some quirky behavior such as crypto-themed weddings, there are other events that one can enjoy, that are more in line with what the crypto world actually advocates.

One such great party that was highly anticipated by every real crypto enthusiast, cryptocurrency Honey Party, has recently been held. The event took place in Puerto Rico on March 15, 2018, turning out to be the biggest crypto Honey Party ever to take place on the Carribean island.

The party was features by an Instagram star, Ingrid Suarez. The venue was a beautiful place called Puerto Chico Marina in Cinco Nudos, Puerto Rico. The event was being held from 5:30-11 pm local time.

The party was organized by Amazing “Shining Star” of the Caribbean and people from the Guld and Academy School of Blockchain. The most prominent people involved were Mr. Joe Blackburn, the co-founder of one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency groups on Facebook CryptoCoin Trader and subsequently, a successful coin trading company, and creators of Guld, a decentralized internet platform.

The group was founded back almost two years ago in April, 2016 and since then it has obtained over 104,000 members around the world and is an important crypto community group that many enthusiasts like to follow.

Guld was one of the co-promoters of the event specializing in taking control of a person’s digital identity by consolidating all of the digital data and storing it on the native Guld platform.

The company employs a unified PGP keyring and an advanced Blocktree structure. Guld is also the official partner of various blockchain and public institutions, helping them protect identity theft and making a market of the company’s useful platform.

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