Bill Gates-backed Vaccine Alliance GAVI Set for $7.4 Billion Fundraising

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Bill Gates-backed Vaccine Alliance GAVI Set for $7.4 Billion Fundraising
Photo: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

The funds that Bill Gates-backed GAVI is going to raise are meant to assist failing healthcare systems in the world’s poorest countries.

Bill Gates-backed GAVI, the global vaccine alliance, is set to raise $7.4 billion in funding from the global leaders. The virtual summit is to be hosted by the British PM Boris Johnson. The leaders of 50 countries and representatives from the private sector will be in attendance. They are set to make pledges that will go towards vaccines.

The raised funds will assist in immunizing children from the world’s poorest countries by 2025. GAVI was set up in 1999. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $750 million to jumpstart things.

Bill Gates will attend and speak at the summit. GAVI has been working hard in the background during the COVID-19 pandemic to supply much needed medical supplies. It has also assisted in testing and tracking programs.

Bill Gates-backed GAVI Will Help in Vaccine Logistics

The World Health Organization has indicated that there are 133 COVID-19 research programs globally. GAVI is set to help in logistics once a working vaccine is found.

The monies donated will be used in recovery post-COVID-19. This is because medical systems have been stretched thin due to the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2. Resources have gone into ensuring that the virus is kept at bay from the majority of the population.

The majority of the population is already having issues with other health conditions. These conditions haven’t been attended to. So, there is an increase in death from other health conditions. Many immunization programs have either been slowed or have shut down.

WHO, UNICEF and GAVI have said that immunization programs and routines have been disrupted. 80 million children in 68 countries under age 1 have been affected. Gavi CEO Seth Berkley said:

“Historic advances in global health are now at risk of unraveling as Covid-19 causes unprecedented disruption to vaccine programs worldwide.”

GAVI is working to sustain and assist in failing healthcare systems. Countries will have distribution readiness if a safe vaccine is discovered.

COVID-19 Pandemic Can Cause Bigger Problems

Health experts have opined that if developing countries are left on their own, new breakouts in wealthy countries are bound to occur.

These breakouts may even come with higher numbers than previously seen. Events like this show that humanity can make it through tough situations such as this if everyone comes together as one.

Gates has been at the forefront of sponsoring initiatives to solve many of the World’s health challenges. Medical situations such as Malaria mortality, HIV/AIDS prevalence, Polio, measles, and many others have been seen as a challenge for Bill Gates.

Over the years he and his wife have been known to donate heavily towards the ending of many of these problems in the poorest countries.

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