Binamon’s Z1 Planet: Joining Blockchain Technology with Ecology Awareness

August 2nd, 2021 at 8:07 am UTC · 1 min read

Binamon's Z1 Planet: Joining Blockchain Technology with Ecology Awareness

Few weeks before launching their new Play to Earn game, Binamon’s metaverse has joined blockchain and games with the awareness of taking care of the planet.

Through their new planet Z1, millions of players will enjoy a play to earn game to mint Z1 mineral.

By minting the mineral players will help to restore the planet’s ecological balance, this is initially arid and barren. As they mint Z1 mineral the planet will restore to finally become a green valley.

This has been very welcomed by crypto community, planet Z1 has gather over a million dollar in less than 24hs.

From Binamon’s community they share:

“We love blockchain technology, decentralized finances and videogames; but we also love to make people aware about taking care of the environment and recycling”.

Through this gaming way, millions of people will be able to get involved in a decentralized world, increasing their social and working possibilities; as well as earn money via the play to earn video game and become aware of the earth.

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