Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) Takes It Up a Notch on Hotbit

November 10th, 2022 at 3:17 pm UTC · 5 min read

Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) Takes It Up a Notch on Hotbit
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Setting higher standards in the cryptocurrency industry is a milestone that only very few projects have been able to achieve. However, Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) has successfully raised the bar with the innovations that it has developed and introduced to allow users to earn while gaming.

Since its official launch in February 2022, Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) has never relented. It has been developed with the idea of giving exposure to great gaming talents and prospects like you.

What Is Bit Game Verse?

Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) is a blockchain-based platform for a new generation of games that are designed to disrupt the $138,000,000,000 global gaming industry. It is a utility token with the highest number of users in the cryptocurrency gaming industry with over 24,000 community members across social media in just few months of launching.

It can also be referred to as a peer-to-peer marketplace which offers access to variety of games for players who love to earn while playing games.

Having built its platform based on trust and transparency, Bit Game Verse has become the most trending cryptocurrency gaming platform in the world. If you love to make profits from playing your favourite games, then it is pertinent to know that Bit Game Verse is designed just for you. It is targeted to enable transactions occur directly between cryptocurency traders and game players without intermediaries.

It is a decentralized exchange platform built on the BNB blockchain that  ensures that  earning is easier on the cryptocurrency channels by adding the “fun element” to it. For example, Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) as the name suggests, encompasses the popular “money heist” concept into the gaming pool with all the fun characters and the super feel. The characters of Professor, Tokyo, Berlin and others helps you to complete tasks assigned to you and points are awarded in terms of cryptocurrency on the platform.

The goal of the well-experienced team behind Bit Game Verse is to make it the leading platform to play popular games while earning with cryptocurrency. This decentralized space provides you with access to various games and cryptocurrency.

Features and Benefits of the Project

The platform includes many sophisticated features such as automated gaming and real time statistics, thus allowing players to compete with each other for higher stakes and prizes. As most users from around the world has seen, more people are turning towards mobile devices for their entertainment needs. By integrating functionalities such as these into the Bit Game Verse platform, it guarantees that it has a competitive edge over other projects.

Bit Game Verse is the most ambitious project undertaken to date. It is a platform that is beneficial to all facets of our society as it provides an easy avenue for anyone to earn cryptocurrencies. It also benefits users, as the platform provides an easier way to use cryptocurrencies and secure them against theft. Using Bit Game Verse also helps you to form relationships and to share in a common objective – the longevity of the platform itself – even as we offer our users the priceless comfort of our knowledge, expertise and services.

Bit Game Verse ($BGVT) Listed on Hotbit

Hotbit has opened doors for lots of genuine cryptocurrency projects to become very successful thereby earning a well respected reputation as the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Trading $BGVT on Hotbit enhances your profile and allows you to earn more profits and extra earnings. The listing of $BGVT on Hotbit presents more opportunities for you to make more and more out of it.

Having sucessfully completed the $BGVT pre-sale where a total of 12,481.689373374184 BNB was raised, it is so obvious that the project is on its way to record more milestones with it now made available for trading on Hotbit.

With this, all users can earn in a way that enables the smart contracts of these decentralized exchanges to use pre-funded pools of assets known as liquidity pools, instead of matching buy orders and sell orders. The pools are funded by other users who are then entitled to the transaction fee that the protocol charges for executing trades on that pair. Everything is directly linked among the users as there is no involvement of the system in the whole transaction process.

It has a total supply of 55,709,091,502 $BGVT only and currently trades for a price of $0.000314 with a trading volume of $1,483,310 in the last 24 hours as reported by CoinMarketCap as at the time of compiling this information.


Bit Game Verse has lots of other innovations and features it will be introducing very soon in line with its roadmap which it has followed religiously so far and this has the very obvious prospect of benefitting the users and increasing the value of the $BGVT token.

Join the $BGVT community to participate and contribute to what we are building today – join the party to start earning. Don’t be late to the party.

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